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Sales Marketing Profit

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30 – Productized Services
August 11, 2016

Are you running a service-based business? Tune in to this episode and find out how you can deliver your services to the right customers and get paid the right price for the value you offer. -   - In the podcast: -

29 – The Douchebag Effect
August 04, 2016

Client S had a problem: how to pitch a mastermind at his workshops without coming off as a douche. With Taki’s help, he found a 4-step technique to make offers that people would listen to and actually take him up on.

28 – The Business - Sales Marketing Profit
October 15, 2015

Ezra had all the ingredients of success: energy, expertise, charisma. What he didn’t have was the leverage to scale his business. With James’s help, he learned the skills he needed to build a team and increase his business’s capacity,

27 – The Time Shrinker - Sales Marketing Profit
September 02, 2015

This week’s SMP episode takes a look at Raj, who’s built a business in the field of law, where scaling is a challenge. With Taki’s help, he applied a framework that has made him mostly redundant in his business,

26 – Half Pregnant - Sales Marketing Profit
August 11, 2015

Shane and Jocelyn Sams owned a successful business, but the income was inconsistent. Some parts of the year were good. Finding new people to make a single purchase was exhausting. James helped the Sams by creating a more predictable and sustainable inc...

25 – Magic Pills - Sales Marketing Profit
August 07, 2015

Lars owns one of the top 10 agencies in the U.S. and is an in-demand coach to real estate agents. He’s doing one-on-one coaching and feels that he’s on a mission to help more people. Taki teaches him how to scale things up from one-on-one to group coac...

24 – Tuning The Machine - Sales Marketing Profit
July 01, 2015

Peter Moriarty owned a 6-year-old business. His dilemma when he came to James was choppy sales flow and too much work. The solution: Use the machine. In this episode, find out how James helped him build authority,

23 – The Upgrade - Sales Marketing Profit
June 24, 2015

Gaby was working with the wrong customers and deep down she knew it. As a result, she was working too hard and her customers were overwhelmed. But with the right coaching, she was able to make key upgrades in her avatar which improved her clients’ resu...

22 – The Right Fit - Sales Marketing Profit
May 25, 2015

Matt struggled with focus and self-direction challenges in a highly volatile environment. Find out how the right coaching and frameworks helped him pull things together and bring about great improvements in his business. - Topics discussed: -

21 – Sell Through
May 18, 2015

Discover how effective the sell through strategy is in this latest episode of SalesMarketingProfit.