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Rubenerd Show 412: The wandering mug episode
August 31, 2020

47:35 — An impromptu discussion on everyone’s favourite comestible beverage conveyance, among several other unrelated topics. Recorded July 2020, only getting around to producing... gulp! Hey, that’s the sound someone drinking from a mug makes.

Rubenerd Show 411: The FreeBSD cat(1) episode
June 16, 2020

28:45 — A discussion about feline creatures liking me despite having never owned one… turned into a rant about desktop software quality, remembering Wintel and desktop Java, running OpenZFS on FreeBSD and NetBSD with cgd, BSD on an iBook back in the day,

Rubenerd Show 410: The apothecary coffee episode
May 31, 2020

25:23 — Not knowing a place till you leave it, the fascinating triangular windows of the old Belle Vue in Singapore, faded knock-off Lego blocks, Albert Einstein’s travels, finding new coffee shops, apothecary tables, government posters, a 1990s-era glass

Rubenerd Show 409: The uncanny silhouette episode
May 06, 2020

29:37 — Join Ruben for a late-night wander around the abandoned Sydney suburb of Chatswood during these lockdown adventures. Topics include 100 days of COVID-19, stairwall-derived exercise, Australia and New Zealand’s potential new travel bubble, finding

Rubenerd Show 408: The deserted tape episode
April 19, 2020

39:20 — Wandering around a deserted Chatswood late at night, peeking into the empty stores, and watching the regular stream of empty commuter and metro trains roll by. Discussing working from home, trying to reconnect with music, critiquing streaming serv

Rubenerd Show 407: The overengineered everything episode
March 14, 2020

25:32 — What started as a discussion regarding an ugly new concept car turned into pontifications about design, and anti-patterns in cars and websites. If overenginering is to make something intentionally more complicated for no benefit other than to ship

Rubenerd Show 406: The chipped hero episode
March 08, 2020

31:52 — Wait, didn’t we only just get Rubenerd Show 405?! Discussing the production of chip-based comestibles, submerged data centres, etymology behind radio buttons, being tired of Boomer and Millennial labels, and when meeting your hero perhaps wasn’t s

Rubenerd Show 405: The Walkenbach Envelope episode
March 07, 2020

34:32 — Making a caffeinated beverage LIVE on the show like I used to, remembering Murni’s Warung in Ubud, the joys of envelope budgeting, John Walkenbach from Whole Wheat Radio helping me through his Excel books all these years later, and why it’s still

Rubenerd Show 404: The 29th griddle episode
February 29, 2020

44:51 — The second Rubenerd Show to be released on the 29th of February, HTTP 404 status codes, a new griddle, SARS, Phua Chu Kang, bushfire update, why you shouldn’t need a reason not to be a dick, and a nostalgic snack review from Singapore. Recorded ea

Rubenerd Show 403: The hot cake episode
January 12, 2020

52:15 — Forbidden 403 HTML status codes, unhelpful profiling, Australian bushfire updates (looters, conspiracy theories, hot takes), unexpected Adelaide nostalgia and early breakfasts, unintentional philosophical ramblings on the character and motivations