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Rubenerd Show 419: The musically soaked episode
September 23, 2021

53:50 — Join your host as he enjoys some milder Sydney weather! Talking about monsoons in Singapore and Hong Kong, wanting to live in the latter after it blew me away (metaphorically, not in a monsoon), slim Japanese clothing, water-retaining socks, alway

Rubenerd Show 418: The tiled pattern episide
September 18, 2021

27:47 — Join Ruben as he pours one out for airline pilots, Australia being European in Asia, travelling with Clara, nostalgia for Singapore and working remote from there, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Bishan, introverts and Third Places, saying goodbye

Rubenerd Show 417: The stormy apartment episode
August 27, 2021

27:47 — Why am I out here under a shelter while there’s a storm outside? Talking about the HoloCouncil, why am I out here, missing travel, it’s a bit windy out here, where I’d live if I had a spare billion dollars between the proverbial couch cushions, an

Rubenerd Show 416: The microwaved nostalgia episode
August 17, 2021

32:51 — Join Ruben as he takes an evening lockdown socially-distancing stroll as he discusses UniSA campus nostalgia in Adelaide, adventures with side effects, a freezing family holiday to Germany in the early 2010s, and an extended discussion on the meri

Rubenerd Show 415: The Amehhhhh Sharipov episode
July 01, 2021

55:49 — In part one, your sophisticated host attempts to make an Aeropress coffee live on air, namedrops his friend, mentions some Minecraft LEGO adventures, and discusses some listener mail from Oskar Sharipov regarding audio recording, OGG files, and in

Rubenerd Show 414: The thingy stuff episode
May 11, 2021

14:00 — A discussion about how my fervour for independent writing hasn’t translated into improving podcast imposter syndrome! Also RSS, distribution, how social networks have convinced people to only write for them, and related ruminations. Thanks for you

Rubenerd Show 413: The Wheaty 2021 episode
January 20, 2021

13:57 — Jim Kloss returned to the Whole Wheat Radio airwaves again for a chat! I was not prepared, and even started typing over it towards the end when work pinged me, but I couldn’t let this moment of Internet audio history go unrecorded.

Rubenerd Show 412: The wandering mug episode
August 31, 2020

47:35 — An impromptu discussion on everyone’s favourite comestible beverage conveyance, among several other unrelated topics. Recorded July 2020, only getting around to producing... gulp! Hey, that’s the sound someone drinking from a mug makes.

Rubenerd Show 411: The FreeBSD cat(1) episode
June 16, 2020

28:45 — A discussion about feline creatures liking me despite having never owned one… turned into a rant about desktop software quality, remembering Wintel and desktop Java, running OpenZFS on FreeBSD and NetBSD with cgd, BSD on an iBook back in the day,

Rubenerd Show 410: The apothecary coffee episode
May 31, 2020

25:23 — Not knowing a place till you leave it, the fascinating triangular windows of the old Belle Vue in Singapore, faded knock-off Lego blocks, Albert Einstein’s travels, finding new coffee shops, apothecary tables, government posters, a 1990s-era glass