RPPR Actual Play

RPPR Actual Play

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Eclipse Phase 2E: The End (for now) – The Eighth Sea – Episode 17
September 24, 2020

The Eighth Sea regroups and recovers after the Mercury heist. Secrets are revealed and plans are made. Unfortunately due to real life circumstances, we were unable to finish this campaign. Maybe some day in the future,

Monster of the Week: Barracuda Arizona
September 17, 2020

Check out the Deck of Monsters Kickstarter! If you run Monster of the Week, the DoM adds a bunch of new monsters to help run a game without prep. The small town of Barracuda Arizona holds many secrets. At its local high school, a teacher, a student,

Eclipse Phase 2E: The Heist – The Eighth Sea – Episode 16
September 10, 2020

After all of their challenges and preparations, the Eighth Sea is finally ready to pull off the heist of the century! The secret traitor among them is still at large, putting everything in danger. What is stored in the vault worth all of this security?...

Monster of the Week: Godzilla versus Malum
September 03, 2020

After Mothra and Battra defeated Godzilla, a new agency called G-Force created a deniable black ops team for special missions. After a new kaiju called Malum arose, awakening Godzilla, the team heads out on their first mission.

Eclipse Phase 2E: Mercury Jail Break – The Eighth Sea – Episode 15
August 27, 2020

The Eighth Sea needs help with the Mercury heist, so they're going to break a few people out of prison to get their help. They're locked up in a mining facility with high end security. The Eighth Sea must infiltrate the prison, find the prisoners,

Unknown Armies: Ghosts and Coffee
August 20, 2020

Claire (Stickypawz on Furryart) and her talking dog Calamity (only she can hear him) have learned of a mysterious diner. If you are the last person in the diner, you can have a conversation with anyone, living or dead.

Eclipse Phase 2E: Scouting the Factory – The Eighth Sea – Episode 14
August 13, 2020

The Eighth Sea knows the location of an incredibly valuable data cache on Mercury. It's stored in an abandoned antimatter factory, supposedly infested with Exsurgents. The crew must get the data so first they have to scout the factory out and learn its...

Zweihander: Into the Green Valley
August 06, 2020

A band of conquistadors has disappeared in the jungles of Guatemala. A second group sets out to find them, but as they venture into the green valley, they find out that the indigenous people are not the only threat there. -

Eclipse Phase 2E: SPACE WHALES – The Eighth Sea – Episode 13
July 30, 2020

As part of the Eighth Sea hides on an exoplanet, the other team travels to the Sun to pull off a daring scam. It turns out that space whales (whale uplifts sleeved in Surya morphs) race across the Sun for glory and reputation.

Base Raiders: Project Bildungsroman
July 24, 2020

A group of Base Riaders have all been approached by Vivien, a scarred woman with an intriguing tale. She claims to represent a group who have a lead on a particularly rich base. They do not have the power necessary to get particular items they want in ...