Rosé all Day, Juleigh's a Mess

Rosé all Day, Juleigh's a Mess

26. Veda King Blanchard – Rosé All Day, Juleigh’s A Mess

September 08, 2021

Veda joins Juleigh to talk about metaphysical growth, Texas and boxed wine. Veda and Juleigh were cohorts In New jersey in 1999… yup a long time ago. Juleigh Dragged Veda to the Miss America Pageant and did her Prom make up.

Veda King Blanchard, NJLMT, BCTMB, and owner of Rooted Arts, has been professionally practicing therapeutic massage, mindfulness, and bodywork since 2003. Veda is passionate about supporting people in living pain-free, joyful lives.

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