Ron's Amazing Stories

Ron's Amazing Stories

Latest Episodes

RAS #409 - Solomon's Orbit
November 07, 2019

Stories Include: Zombie Grammar, Future Gadgets, Tricked on Halloween, Cold Shadow, Solomon’s Orbit, and Johnny Is It True - Weather Alerts.

RAS #408 - Poltergeist
October 31, 2019

Stories Include: Bumming a Ride to Las Vegas, Roadkill, Ding Dong Ditching, The Tall Man Who Ruined Halloween, and Poltergeist.

RAS #407 - Five Minute Mystery
October 29, 2019

The Five Minute Mystery Special

RAS #406 - The Horror Express
October 24, 2019

The Stories Include: Mail In Ghost, I got Yelled at by a ghost, and The Strange Encounter in Building Seven.

RAS #405 - The Flame
October 22, 2019

Lights Out - The Flame

RAS #404 - Ghost Stories With Sylvia Vol 6
October 17, 2019

Stories Include: Tom Williams and The Spooky Dog, The Doll of Spring Equinox, My Prize Doll, Marcel, and The Cowboy Spirit.

RAS #403 - The Dark
October 15, 2019

Stories: The Dark and The Hazards Of Antiquing

RAS #402 - The Seguin Island Horror Story
October 10, 2019

Stories Include: The Panther, The Seguin Island Horror, Ghost Bride of Haynesville Road, The Wall, The House on Lost Man’s Bluff, and No Jelly

RAS #401 - The Thing On The Fourble Board
October 08, 2019

The Month Of Spooky 2019

RAS #400 - The UFO Special
October 03, 2019

Stories Include: Jim Harold Vs. the M.I.B., Oh My Orbs, Close Encounter, My Seventh Summer, UFO, Black Eyed Kid Wants A Ride, and The House I Grew Up In.