The Roney Writes Podcast

The Roney Writes Podcast

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One Perfect Line – Episode Two
November 10, 2019

[Fiction/Mystery] - Who killed Alice Nells? - Ollie says he's innocent and wants to hire Ellie to find out who really killed her, but Ellie is reluctant to take the case. - In the meantime, an old friend of Ellie's,

One Perfect Line – Episode One
November 03, 2019

[Fiction/Mystery] - One Perfect Line - An Ellie Baye Mystery - Ellie had been a private investigator with a big firm but resigned to open Yore Place, a bookstore where you can find books, coffee, donuts, open mic nights, and quirky characters. -

Tremore’s Choice
October 27, 2019

[Fiction] - John Tremore has a great job, a wife he adores, and two preteens who light up his life. - But when he makes a startling discovery at work, he's suddenly put in a position where he must choose a path and no matter which one he chooses it c...

Where Is He? – Episode Twelve
October 20, 2019

[Fiction/Mystery] - Auggie has been carrying the burden of his secret for seven years. When he finally reveals it, Ellie is faced with a decision that could put her life and the lives of others in danger. - Let's see if she makes the right choice.

Where Is He? – Episode Eleven
October 13, 2019

[Fiction/Mystery] - Ellie goes to the Land of Enchantment to find Auggie Dupin. - It soon becomes clear that he doesn't want to be found. But Ellie is determined because if he is Billy, she needs to bring him back to Kat. -

Where Is He? – Episode Ten
October 06, 2019

[Fiction/Mystery] - Ellie meets with Barry Thompson, the class action attorney, and learns a fact about Vardari that sends a shiver up her spine. But how does this connect to her missing person case? - Matt traces the email to New Mexico.

Where Is He? – Episode Nine
September 29, 2019

[Fiction/Mystery] - Ellie receives an anonymous email warning her to stop her investigation. - As Matt tries to trace the sender, Ellie runs down a new lead. But she soon wonders if she's been sent on a wild goose chase.

Where Is He? – Episode Eight
September 22, 2019

[Fiction/Mystery] - Nicolina, the manager of the arcade, reveals a secret to Ellie. A secret she has been carrying around for seven years. A secret that may hold the key to the mystery of Billy's disappearance. -

Where Is He? – Episode Seven
September 15, 2019

[Fiction/Mystery] - The owner of the Beachside Cafe learns about Ellie's visit with Ben and arranges a meeting with a man named Auggie. - Who is Auggie? Does he have anything to do with Billy's disappearance? - Meanwhile,

Where Is He? – Episode Six
September 08, 2019

[Fiction/Mystery] - Where were Billy and Jeff between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. on the night of the murder? - Matt finds that they might have been at the arcade on the pier that night. When Ellie investigates, a cold chill runs through her as she realizes t...