The Roney Writes Podcast

The Roney Writes Podcast

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A Brief Pause In Time – Part 2
November 29, 2020

The new year is right around the corner! A time for new adventures, new mysteries, new dramas. - Now, on to this week’s episode: A Brief Pause In Time - Part 2.

The Missing Key – Episode Fourteen
November 22, 2020

[Fiction/Mystery] - Now that Brenda is in the safe house, Ellie can breathe a sigh of relief. At least, that's what she thought. - Don't miss this exciting conclusion to The Missing Key, An Ellie Baye Mystery.

The Missing Key – Episode Thirteen
November 15, 2020

[Fiction/Mystery] - Brenda has been found! - Now, Ellie and Justin rush to keep her safe.

The Missing Key – Episode Twelve
November 08, 2020

[Fiction/Mystery] - The FBI have been watching Marco in connection with a bribery case but their surveillance takes a surprise turn that leads them down a side road to Ellie. - Ellie wrestles with a dilemma.

The Missing Key – Episode Eleven
November 01, 2020

[Fiction/Mystery] - Ellie crouches by her car. Did the man from the Black SUV see her? He's getting closer. She holds her breath. - Ryan's trial for the murder of Leland grows near. Daniel and Quinn arrive at the bookstore.

The Missing Key – Episode Ten
October 25, 2020

[Fiction/Mystery] - Ellie discovers the identity of the powerful family Brenda is running from. - Marco receives a call. There was a witness to Brenda's escape in the blue van. - Ellie and Matt rush to save Paula before Marco can get to her.

The Missing Key – Episode Nine
October 18, 2020

[Fiction/Mystery] - Ryan's hopes falter as his only witness is on the run. - Brenda sits in a motel room growing more and more afraid. Then, a friend extends a helping hand. But is it a trap?

The Missing Key – Episode Eight
October 11, 2020

[Fiction/Mystery] - Ellie enjoys a peaceful evening listening to Ollie's words and Michael's songs. At the same time, two men dressed in black move stealthily through the homeless camp. They head for an orange tent.

The Missing Key – Episode Seven
October 04, 2020

[Fiction/Mystery] - Ellie is elated and excited to make contact with Brenda. Now Ryan has a chance. - But things go sideways when Brenda reveals a sinister reason why she can't testify. An agonizing dilemma with two lives hanging in the balance.

The Missing Key – Episode Six
September 27, 2020

[Fiction/Mystery] - Ellie wanders through a homeless camp searching the rows and rows of tents and cardboard boxes for Brenda, Daniel's key witness. - Unbeknownst to her, the son of a powerful family is searching too. - Where is Brenda?