The Roney Writes Podcast

The Roney Writes Podcast

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No Ordinary Trial – Episode Two
May 24, 2020

[Fiction/Legal Thriller] - Dylan tells Thunder about the day Luke disappeared. Is he spinning a story or is it the truth? - Thunder begins to develop a theory of the case but an email from the prosecutor makes Dylan go pale.

No Ordinary Trial – Episode One
May 17, 2020

[Fiction/Legal Thriller] - A body is found in the woods. A young man is arrested for the murder of his best friend. David Thunder's phone rings. - This is Book Two in the Thunder Law series. In the first story, Catching Up, we met Thunder, a lawyer,

Eye In The Storm – Episode Ten
May 10, 2020

[Fiction/Mystery] - While investigating Elliott, Sam meets a powerful, connected man. Does he have anything to do with Daniel's death? - Did Gabriel's obsession with Dawn lead him to murder? - What did Daniel find when he looked into Clive? -

Eye In The Storm – Episode Nine
May 03, 2020

[Fiction/Mystery] - The killer is angry. A piece of code left behind ruined the perfect murder. - The killer needs to make sure that the investigation doesn't lead Ellie's team to his/her doorstep. But first, Ellie needs to pay.

Eye In The Storm – Episode Eight
April 26, 2020

[Fiction/Mystery] - The case begins to heat up when Ellie meets with Liam, the silver haired forensic investigator. What did he find when he inspected Daniel's car? - Is the man in the blue hoodie following him? -

Eye In The Storm – Episode Seven
April 19, 2020

[Fiction/Mystery] - Ellie, Matt, and Sam attend a celebration of life for Daniel. - After the eulogies are over and they mingle among the guests, they keep their eyes and ears open. And motives start popping up.

Eye In The Storm – Episode Six
April 12, 2020

[Fiction/Mystery] - Daniel had been searching the dark web and he took screenshots - screenshots that provide Ellie with three clues as to why Daniel was a threat. But to whom? - Lines snake down the block from the bookstore for Petra's book signing....

Eye In The Storm – Episode Five
April 05, 2020

[Fiction/Mystery] - Ellie waits expectantly as Matt ventures into the dark web. Does it hold the key that unlocks the case? - Or will the appearance of a man with silver hair and startling blue eyes drive the investigation down a different road? -

Eye In The Storm – Episode Four
March 29, 2020

[Fiction/Mystery] - The team dives into Daniel's past and what they find shocks them. But does it have anything to do with his untimely death? - A woman in a red convertible stalks Ellie.

Eye In The Storm – Episode Three
March 22, 2020

[Fiction/Mystery] - Determined to find out if Daniel's death was an accident or something more sinister, Ellie gathers her team for a deep dive into Daniel and Clive. - Ellie gets two surprises - one good, one not so good.