The Rodolfo Rivas Project

The Rodolfo Rivas Project

Andreas Koefoed

October 01, 2021

Season 3 Episode 11 – Andreas Koefoed. Film Director of “The Lost Leonardo” (2021), “The Arms Drop” (2014) and “Ballroom Dancer” (2011) amongst other films.

I had a chance to talk to Andreas at the Zurich Film Festival for the premiere of his latest film, “The Lost Leonardo”. The screening room was full and the experience being back at the movie theater with a big audience was great.

During our conversation we talk about how Andreas got into films and filmmaking. He initially studied political science and music, and these interests shine through his latest film and across most of his filmography.

Although we do not go into spoilers, we do talk in depth about “The Lost Leonardo” a riveting film that touches on many themes, moving seamlessly from one to another. The story of the Salvator Mundi painting attributed to Leonardo DaVinci was featured prominently in the news during the last few years. Everyone knows it broke all records when it was sold in auction for over $450 million in 2017.

Even if you know this, Andreas weaves a tale that has it all and blurs the lines between documentary and fiction filmmaking. In our discussion we talk about the process of making the film, Andreas tells us some more details about the provenance of the painting, and we also talk about some of the techniques used in telling the story.

Although the film starts with art, we go into the financial world and geopolitics, pretty much touching on all topics dear to my heart.

I highly recommend you to watch this film, because just as any great piece of art, it makes us think about ourselves, human nature and the times we live in.

It was an insightful, but also fun conversation with Andreas, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Andreas Koefoed

Rodolfo Rivas (Twitter: @rivasrod)

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