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Episode 24: Cognitive Dissonance and our spiritual future
May 31, 2018

Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and government...

Episode 23: The implications of 5G
May 01, 2018

We are soon to be exposed to high frequency waves from the introduction of 5G technology. This 'upgrade' from the current 4G is totally unlike it's forerunner in that it is massively more dangerous to health and requires a huge infrastructure to suppor...

Episode 22: Accessing information from beyond
April 02, 2018

Ever wondered where 'spirit guides' get their information from? Are we solely reliant on those in the afterlife to provide us with wisdom teachings or is it possible that we can each access fields of information directly? In computer terms, wouldn't th...

Episode 21: The awareness of being
March 01, 2018

As both White Feather and I have said many times 'the sense of 'me' or 'I' isn't something that resides in one place, especially not the brain. Nor is it a product of the brain. Rather, it is the imagination of the mind - the conditioned mind, the mind...

Episode 20: The rise of Artificial Intelligence
February 01, 2018

A brief look at the disturbing rise of artificial intelligence. Ai is rapidly being introduced everywhere and the plan is for it to replace human activity wherever possible, to the point of taking over in the workplace, on the battlefield, in the home ...

Episode 19: Disclosure: the elephant in the room
January 01, 2018

There are some things that people just don't want to talk about; aliens visiting this planet being one of them. Yet the number of individuals who - like those who have received communication from the spirit world - claim to have seen a UFO or had conta...

Episode 18: Looking at Non-Duality
December 01, 2017

In this episode Rob considers the concept of Non-Duality, which means 'not two' or 'non-separation'. When fully understood, Non-Duality sits comfortably with the philosophy of White Feather and other spiritual teachers . Features a short extract from R...

Episode 17: White Feather Q@A
November 01, 2017

In this second part of a 'Trance, double-header' the spirit guide White Feather answers questions put to him in a special session hosted by Amanda (Sunflower).

Episode 16: Experiences of Trance - Part 1
October 01, 2017

In part one of a 'double header' Rob draws on his 40 years experience of trance and offers some unique insights and observations into this rare form of mediumship. Includes contributions from researcher Kathy Beltran and medium Warren James.

Episode 15: Aspects of physical mediumship
September 01, 2017

A brief look at one aspect of physical mediumship - how and why do 'spirit' move physical objects? Do they do this to remind us they are around or to give us warnings of things about to happen? In my case, both. From an actual White Feather apported in...