Real Estate Disruptors

Real Estate Disruptors

How Eric Brewer’s Investment Side Did 375 Transactions and Traditional Side Sold 75MM+ in Past Year

October 22, 2020

Eric Brewer talks about how he went from selling cars to flipping houses. Along the way, he learned how to lead other people to help his company wholesale, whole-tail, flip, and turn key 375 investor transactions while also doing 400+ retail transactions.

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How Eric Brewer’s Investment Arm Does 375 Deals A Year While His Retail Team Does 75MM+ In Volume

With Eric Brewer, Integrity First Home Buyers

Oct. 21, 2020

About Eric Brewer

Eric Brewer joined CR Property Group in 2006. Since then the company has bought, renovated, and sold well over 2,500 homes in Pennsylvania. In 2017, he became an Owner allowing him to utilize his extensive background and experience in the acquisition, rehabilitation, sale of real estate, and to grow the brand to also include; Integrity First Home Buyers and Clear 2 Close Renovations. 

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Show Notes

Steve and Eric discuss Eric’s early experiences in real estate, how he and his partner build Integrity First Home Buyers, the massive volume the company does and how they find and evaluate deals, the importance of networking and education, and introduce the Brewer Method — using a Novation agreement to turn leads you would normally trash into big profits.

Top 5 Takeaways from Eric Brewer:

5.  Find what you do well in your business, and hire the right people to do the parts you either don’t like or are not good at doing. 

4. Good salespeople are usually messy and bad with paperwork; so let your salespeople do sales and hire detail-oriented people to take the paperwork off the salespeople’s hands. You will have much better compliance with far fewer errors, and much better sales because your salespeople won’t be grinding through the paperwork they hate.

3. Know your market and use your lead gen/data providers to help you define your target properties. It’s better to do fewer deals but make two to three times the profit than to run yourself ragged.

2. Look for ways you can legally differentiate yourself in hot markets. Right now, it’s a seller’s market and investors are competing heavily for properties. If you offer something unique, like the Brewer Method’s Novation strategy, you can position yourself as one of the few investors who can help sellers by getting the what they need from their property.

1. Every contract — every single one — should have a Novation provision in it.