Raising Your Paws- Your resource for dog & cat pet parents

Raising Your Paws- Your resource for dog & cat pet parents

072 How Dogs Vs. Cats Cope When Sick & The Signs That Indicate Cats Do or Don’t Get Along.

July 28, 2020

When your pet is ill or injured, don’t you wish they could tell you with words how they are feeling? Would be nice, but what we have, is how they react and behave. When sick, dogs and cats in general, react very differently from one another. I’ll explain how and why.

Michael Birnbaum, my artist friend, returns to tell another story from his childhood about his first dog and their encounter with fire.  The story is entitled, “Trouble with Matches.”

Why is it, that multiple cats living in a household, often don’t get along – either avoiding each other or fighting a lot? There is a major factor that you may be oblivious to, but is highly important to your cat. I’ll tell you about this and then, from the book, Cat Sense by John Bradshaw, I’ll share a list of subtle indicators you can watch for, to understand if the cats actually do or do not get along.

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Additional Resources for the Show.

Source for the story about pets coping with illness: “ComPETability: Solving Behavior Problems in your CAT-DOG household,” by Amy Shojai.

Storyteller, Michael Birnbaum’s Website. (Artist and Color Design Stylist) Transformed By Color.


Source for the story about cats getting along or not. “Cat Sense” by John Bradshaw.