The Radical Resilience Podcast

The Radical Resilience Podcast

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Indigenous Land Acknowledgement with Dr. Meranda Roberts
November 28, 2021

A special episode for Native American Heritage Month – at its heart, resilience is about being with the totality of what is so and acknowledging it. Through being with what is so it becomes possible t

15. Music Lights the Darkness with Mary Hamer
October 17, 2021

Mary Hamer’s music and lyrics give space for the hidden unexpressed emotions that are felt by the abused, those with mental health issues, and all those who’s heart aches in their own darkness. In thi

14. Knowing Worthiness with Rosie Volcano
October 09, 2021

Meet Rosie Volcano, creator and Master Coach and Trainer of the Little Volcano. Also known as The Queen Mother Volcano. Rosie is part Unicorn, part Shamanic Priestess, part Spicy Transformational Coac

13. Athlete And Addict with Joe Fettig
October 02, 2021

Joe Fettig is no stranger to dark days. After leaving collegiate track and field, he struggled with addiction and found himself in need of help. With doubt clouding his mind, he had lost his sense of

12. Musings of a Marfan Mom with Maya Brown-Zimmerman
September 25, 2021

Mom to four kids with a variety of diagnoses (autism, Marfan syndrome, and a brain injury), Maya Brown-Zimmerman is no stranger to facing adversity. While many in her situation might find themselves c

11. Life Out Loud with Chris Hendricks
September 18, 2021

Chris Hendricks is a singer/songwriter who has shared the stage with artists such as Delta Rae and Amy Grant, contributed music to major radio stations like NPR, the NHL, and even the Louvre in France

10. Hiking My Feelings with Sydney Williams
September 11, 2021

When former collegiate athlete and competitive skydiver, Sydney Williams, unexpectedly found herself on the receiving end of a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis, while grappling with unresolved trauma from a

9. All in with Boomer Rose
September 04, 2021

Boomer Rose is a grateful recovering addict. After a decade plus of active addiction, and experiencing trauma, he now dedicates himself to impact the world with positivity.  Even in our darkest of tim

8. Imagine, Risk, Create with Yves Domingo
August 28, 2021

“If we are survivors after our service is completed; there is so much more that we have to offer to the world.” From surviving war to thriving in civilian life, Yves Domingo has discovered that seeing

7. Comedy, Tragedy, and Unicorns with Andy Erikson
August 21, 2021

Andy Erikson’s love of cats and unicorns is only surpassed by her love of performing stand-up comedy. In 2015 Andy placed in the top 5 on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and in 2016 she played Chanel #7 on