The Radiant Marriage Podcast

The Radiant Marriage Podcast

#18: How Our View of God Shapes Our Marriage

September 05, 2019

Did you know that our belief about God is directly related to how we respond in our marriages?

In today’s podcast episode we dive into how our view of God can impact our marriage. So often our feelings overshadow the truth about God’s character and we can start to relate to our spouse based on a false belief of God driven by fear, shame, or guilt.

It’s when we have a true understanding of God’s character that our marriage is secured in the strongest foundation possible.

We need to truly know who God is and Whose we are.

#18: How Our View of God Shapes our Marriage

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Discussion Questions:

What are some beliefs that you have about God that you know aren’t true?

How do you see those beliefs impacting your marriage?

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