The Private Label Movement

The Private Label Movement

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Patrick Tedjamulia – Founder and CEO of VideoPeel – Video Review Expert 019
January 23, 2019

Today, Patrick Tedjamulia shares the story of how he founded and became the CEO of Videopeel, a video review platform. He talks about his love for customer insights, which led him to discover the true value of videos in advertising.

Jordan Rolband – Performance Marketing Expert 018
January 14, 2019

Jordan Rolband is the Co-Founder and President of DFO Global Performance Commerce. A certified performance marketing expert, he shares with us today how he blew up his marketing agency with eight global offices and over 200 employees.

Max Kolysh – Amazon to eBay and Dropship Arbitrage Extraordinaire 017
January 07, 2019

Max Kolysh, Founder and CEO of Zinc, shares the story of how they managed to dominate dropshipping arbitrage with their automation suites. How does Zinc continue to influence the e-commerce industry? Max Kolysh - Walking the Path of a Startup

The Best of Private Label Movement 2018 016
December 24, 2018

Jonathan Gabriel looks back on The Best of Private Label Movement 2018 in episodes with Jeremy Sherk, Rob Kosberg, Chakra Yendapally and Nathan Lind. There's more to being successful at private label than just adding products to Amazon.

Richard Chapo – Internet Lawyer for Businesses 015
December 17, 2018

The constant evolution of e-commerce requires passage of regulations for the industry. But how do they truly work in relation to those affected? On this episode, Internet lawyer Richard Chapo shares valuable insights on sales tax, GDPR,

Vladi Gordon – Amazon Seller and Founder, CEO of Sellerboard 014
December 10, 2018

Vladi Gordon is the founder and CEO of Sellerboard, a financial services tool for Amazon sellers. Today, he shares the story behind the tool and what sellers can learn to improve profit by keeping track of customer insights as they relate to revenue. ...

Jon MacDonald CEO of The Good – Conversion and Optimization Specialist 013
December 04, 2018

Jon MacDonald is the President and Founder of The Good, the most trusted e-commerce conversion rate and customer experience optimization advisory company. They started about ten years ago. When they first built the company,

Earnest Epps 6-Figure High Ticket Drop Shipping 012
November 26, 2018

Earnest Epps is a life-long entrepreneur and salesman. After losing his corporate position, within 30 days he self-taught himself and created the Earnest Approach to dropshipping high ticket items from US manufacturers. NFL Dreams

Nathan Hirsch 8-Figure Seller Turned Outsourcing Expert 011
November 19, 2018

Nathan Hirsh is a veteran Amazon seller with over 25 million in sales. He's currently the founder and CEO of FreeeUp an online outsourcing company. Ever Evolving E-commerce When Nathan started it was him and two other people on every listing.

Nate Lind 7-Figure Ecommerce Seller, Coach and Community Builder 010
November 12, 2018

Nate Lind is a successful online seller that doesn't just focus on Amazon. He has created relationships with affiliates to continue to push his products. Nate is insightful as a seller, a coach and entrepreneur.