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77 - Policing, Part 1: Working as Intended
July 06, 2020

CONTENT WARNING: The following episode involves discussion of crime and police brutality, including violence, injury & death. Listener discretion is advised. In the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd at the hands of police, and the resulting...

Bonus - Affluenza
June 16, 2020

In the public release of February 2019's Patreon bonus episode, Jaye discusses the news story from January 2019 about the confrontation in Washington DC, between Catholic high school students from Northern Kentucky and a Native American elder. How...

76 - May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor
June 02, 2020

CONTENT WARNING: The following episode involves discussion of the COVID-19 pandemic, police brutality, and historical events related to racial, ethnic, disability and class discrimination, including discussion of violence, illness, injury & death....

75 - US-Middle East Relations, Part 2: Make Room for Other
May 16, 2020

This multi-episode series is about the history of relations between the United States and the Middle East, including both US foreign policy and the Middle Eastern immigrant experience. In this episode, Jaye recounts the early history of relations...

74 - US-Middle East Relations, Part 1
April 25, 2020

The Cradle of Civilization

Bonus - End Times MacGuffins
April 07, 2020

In the public release of the September 2019 Patreon Exclusive, Jaye discusses Donald Trump's "disloyalty" comments regarding Jewish Democrats. Why would Trump rely on an anti-Semitic trope while stating he is an ardent supporter of Israel? Jaye also...

73 - The Equalizer
March 26, 2020

CONTENT WARNING: The following episode includes discussion of terrorism, hate crimes, disasters, & public health crises that have involved illness, injury & death. Listener discretion is advised. None of the content of this episode is a...

72 - Return to Normalcy?
March 12, 2020

After a strong showing by US Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont in the early contests of the Democratic nomination season, former Vice-President Joe Biden has gained a great deal of momentum, starting in South Carolina and thru Super Tuesday. Is this a...

Bonus - Editorial by Jaye: The Case for Socialism
March 03, 2020

In the public release of the October 2018 Patreon exclusive, Jaye discusses socialism - what is socialism, why is it so misunderstood, and why would it - in some form - benefit American society? The Cold War, entitlements and more are on the menu, so...

71 - Do the Work
February 28, 2020

The 2020 presidential nomination season is underway, and the Democratic race is heating up. As US Senator Bernie Sanders has received some early momentum, many Democrats, especially moderates, are concerned about Sanders, who is not a Democrat, and...