Regenerative Skills

Regenerative Skills

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Taming the apocalypse by partnering with new species, with Shane Simonsen
April 25, 2024

So much of what inspires me and that I hope to highlight on this show comes from an ever growing awareness of the incredible superpowers that humans have that emerge from our relationship with the nat

Finding the potential in "invasive" species, with Tao Orion
April 19, 2024

Im really lucky that I have been collaborating with book publishers since the early days of this podcast. It gives me access to all of the books from the authors that I interview and the full catalog

Why we need inscets and how you can help rebug the planet, with Vicki Hird
April 12, 2024

world of insects. Though there are only a handful of bugs and invertebrates that humans consider edible, productive, or beautiful, they are an essential element in any healthy ecosystem. All too often

Natural beekeeping for better honey, healthy colonies, and vibrant ecosystems, with Uli Beckman
April 05, 2024

Ive had the pleasure over the last few months to interview quite a few people that I admire, whove told me about their fascination with beekeeping. Over and over again Ive heard about the incredibl

Reflections on over two decades of resilient farmstead living, with Ben Falk
March 29, 2024

Despite the popularity of permaculture, homesteading, regen ag, and all these other buzz terms we hear, many of the people promoting these ideas, including myself, are quite new and inexperienced. It

Financial management tips for a healthy farm, with Julia Shanks
March 22, 2024

Though Ive highlighted this before on this show, it bears repeating. So many of the stress factors on farms are caused by money. Either not being able to generate enough, being in debt, not having co

Reversing the Spanish trajectory towards desertification, with Sara Garcia
March 15, 2024

In the process of researching the area that I now call home, and working to understand the context and history of the land, Ive uncovered some fascinating information. The Iberian peninsula made up m

The potential of small scale regeneration, from three distinct perspectives
March 08, 2024

Ive spent a lot of time through the interviews of this podcast speaking with people around the world who are advancing incredible and ambitious projects that aim to regenerate large land bases like f

Large scale regeneration and the potential of cooperative design, with Weruschca Kirkegaard
March 01, 2024

Todays episode is going to build on a couple concepts that Ive been exploring from different perspectives. The first is that of the power of community, and the second is different scales of regenerat

The essential skills and knowledge to become a regenerative water worker, with Zach Weiss and Nick Steiner
February 23, 2024

For those of you following along from the last three episodes of this season so far, Ive been sharing the intimate details of my own journey along with my good friend Nick Steiner as weve gone aroun