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Plant Proof -  evidence-based nutrition

Slow ageing, fight disease and manage your weight with Dr Valter Longo, PhD

June 19, 2020

In Episode 106 I sit down with Dr Valter Longo, PhD to talk about how to eat to live a long healthy life.


• How Dr Longo developed an interest in food, the ageing process and longevity
• Roy Walford's research 'Biosphere 2'
• Details of his research
• Calorie restriction vs fasting
• Fasting and biomarkers of cancer, insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease
• Findings from clinical trials on fasting mimicking diet (a vegan diet created by Dr Longo)
• Eating for longevity
• Learning from Centenarian's
• Animal versus plant protein and ageing pathways
• Maximising muscle protein synthesis
• and much more

ACLM position statement on Type 2 Diabetes reversal and remissions
Dr Valter Longo's website

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