Paul Green's MSP Marketing Podcast

Paul Green's MSP Marketing Podcast

Episode 36: IDEAS: Easily create social media content

July 20, 2020

In this week's episode

There's lots of great stuff about social media marketing in this week's show. Paul's got it all - from why it's important, to how to do more of it, what kind of content to produce and where to get it from
Also on this week's show, on the subject of social media content, it's really important to create regular simple videos but what kit should you use? Paul lists everything he uses and explains the benefits of each device... and it won't break the bank
Plus Paul's special guest this week is the owner of an MSP that identified a gap in the market and produced a brilliant tool for other MSPs to use. Listen to Greg's story and think if there's a way you too can develop a new product to increase your value during these uncertain times

Show notes

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Presented by Paul Green, an MSP marketing expert
Paul mentioned a great source for source content - The Week In Breach from ID Agent (plus serv