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The Parentpreneur Podcast

007 Why Embracing Failure Is Key to Your Success – David Schwendiman

October 01, 2019

David Schwendiman is an international business coach who works with both organizations and individuals, helping to empower them and build the careers that they previously only dreamed of. He knows that there are right and wrong ways to pursue a side-hustle and is happy to dispense with some tips so you can take up your passion even if corporate life still calls to you.

In this episode, David relates his own experiences with failure and what he learned from it, explaining how embracing your own missteps can be key to entrepreneurial success.


(2:06) - David lays out the path he took to becoming a business coach.

(5:48) - His successes and failures working in several different companies throughout his entrepreneur.

(8:37) - Why David was able to handle his failure with grace.

(10:45) - How there can be different kinds of failure, some more constructive than others.

(13:08) - The ideal traits of a side-hustler and how you can pursue your part-time passion successfully.

(16:47) - Coaching a cautious, casual side-hustler vs. one willing to take extraordinary risks.

(22:20) - “Analysis paralysis” and David’s approach to coaching someone who wants to leave the corporate life.

(27:04) - Important tips for growing your side business while still keeping a day job.

(31:12) - Exploring employers’ changing attitudes toward side-hustles.

(35:48) - A word of warning for side-hustlers who also signed non-competes.

(39:39) - David plays Rapid Fire, dishes out important advice for his old boss, and leaves listeners with a parting piece of advice.


"I had to fail to get the lessons that were going to allow me to succeed down the road."

“I knew I was investing so I could learn and then, down the road, be very successful.”

"When I watch someone fully embody what they're capable of, there's nothing better."

"If I can get the internal dialed in, the external takes care of itself."

"What allowed me to be successful is I started taking action Day 1 rather than studying and training and getting all my ducks in a row."

"Action in my mind trumps the studying and the learning."

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