Pager - A Library Podcast

Pager - A Library Podcast

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Pager 11: Booked Kingdom
May 15, 2020

First, we were in your community. Now, we're in your ears. This is Pager, a podcast brought to you by the West Bend Community Memorial Library. In May's episode, we're joined by Ellen, the host's little sister, for some book recommendations, and tips on .

Pager 10: Snow Falling on Poplar
April 15, 2020

First, we were in your community. Now, we're in your ears! Join your host, Hannah, for fun library facts, info on the latest online offerings, and an interview with Jennifer Chamberlain, director of the Monarch Library System, who makes the library magic.

Pager 9: Library in the Time of COVID-19
March 14, 2020

Star library volunteer Samantha Dietel brings us an inside look at life as a teen volunteer during the Summer Reading Program. Plus fun library facts, bad library jokes, upcoming library events, and how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 and ot.

Pager 8: On the Street Where You Library
February 17, 2020

We talk Library Lovers' Month, Black History Month, voting, and taxes. Librarian Sara stops by to honor the passing of suspense author Mary Higgins Clark. Visit our website for more information!

Pager 7: The Reads of Winter
January 15, 2020

First, we were in your community. Now, we're in your ears. Tune in to this month's episode of Pager, the West Bend Library podcast, to get the rundown on this year's Crafting Saturdays, Mid-Week Movie Wednesdays, and Classic Movie Fridays. We also have i.

Pager 6: Have Yourself a 'Brary Little Podcast
December 16, 2019

With no guests due to illness, Librarian Hannah essentially talks to herself for 20 minutes about what's going on at the library, including holiday travel tips, gift ideas, and a Star Wars themed bad library joke. Visit us at

Pager 5: 'Brary Podcast and the Outreach of the Seniors
November 15, 2019

Chat with outreach librarian Nancy, and find out more about how the library supports folks with Alzheimer's, their families, and caregivers. Plus, upcoming events, fun library facts, bad library jokes, and more!

Pager 4: Books of Autumn
October 15, 2019

Come figure out what librarians actually DO! Also visit our website at

Pager 3: Return of the Library Book (On Time)
September 16, 2019

Learn how the library can help with your education. Terika suggests what to read if the library is out of Raina Telgemeier.

A Farewell to Interns
August 14, 2019

Intern Sam goes back to school. Sara recommends murder mysteries. Visit our website here.