Our Curious World

Our Curious World

Lovejoy Denigro | Our Curious World #28 – Zanda Zulu. The art of wrestling and culture

January 20, 2021

Lovejoy Denigro – the double life of Zanda Zulu. Student of the art of professional wrestling with the House of Pain academy and lifelong gamer with a grounding in personal development philosophy “State of Being” and culture.

An exciting conversation. Lovejoy and I talk about walking the world with a public dual personality. The art of professional wrestling. Student of the veteran trainer, Paul ‘Stixx’ Grint. Lovejoy contemplates his cultural inner-ego! Coming to England at a young age. Touching on the growing popularity of Catch Fetiche. African Voodoo wrestling. When he and his girlfriend saw Lights In The Sky. Inspiring performers and favourite videogames.

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