Orchestrating Success

Orchestrating Success

OS 106: Running and Leadership - Goals

June 22, 2018

Setting Goals is the Key to Success

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Running Goals

At the root of all success is a vision and intention. We must learn to set achievable goals.

I lead teams.

I lead meetings.

I teach leaders to lead.

I can see the end result, because I have defined it clearly.

I set a goal to be in shape. I have expressed the goal in terms of running a certain distance in a certain amount of time. I can't accomplish that goal without the following:

  1. The belief that I will succeed...
  2. A description of what it looks like when I have succeeded...
  3. A long-term vision...
  4. Short-term goals...
  5. A weekly schedule...
  6. A daily plan of action...

That works for my work, as well as for my running.

What about your work?

What about your life?

Goals are SMART!

S = Specific

M = Measurable

A = Accountable

R = Realistic

T = Timed

Note to the frantic and weary: The "A" for accountable provides the traction that makes goals work. Check out my Podcast 32: Setting Powerful Goals That Work

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