On The Road To Perfection

On The Road To Perfection

It Works! – Episode 131

January 19, 2023
On The Road To Perfection

Episode 131: It Works!

With a great sigh of relief and near shouts of joy, we share a wonderful discovery: What we have been practicing for decades, talking about in the last 130 episodes, and teaching for years actually works for others, too! This discovery – and edification – comes after spending a recent weekend with two listeners (and HOO supporters), and their children. Encountering and experiencing Betty and Archie’s Catholic faith in action and infused in their parenting, daily living, and lifestyle, The Boyz and we saw it in full effect in a family and situation very different from ours. But the universality of the Catholic faith, honestly and purposefully practiced – still works! It produces the same results that we have worked hard for in our family, applied to a vastly different situation. Nonetheless…

It works!

We talk about our weekend with Betty and Archie and their kids, giving concrete and fun examples of how these two young parents make it work. Whether it is electronic devices, meals, sports, Mass, or chores and helping around the house, including helping siblings, or discipline, this Family has a different life but a common grounding in the Church Jesus gave us all. Observing it and experiencing it made a huge impression on us, and we hope it makes a big one on you, too!

Lots of listeners and folks who see us and our family speaking or just in the daily walk of life express some form of kudos and congratulations for the end result they see, and in the next breath say something like, “Well, we’re different; we couldn’t do that,” or, “That would never work for us,” or, “It’s too late for us,” etc. This week, we talk about experiencing firsthand how that simply is not true, and we have the data to prove it!

It is never too late to start. It is never too late to listen to these episodes with an attitude of “I can do that,” instead of “That’s nice for them.” It’s never too late to ask for help from us and others – including Betty and Archie! We are all On the Road to Perfection, and need to help each other along. We offer to help, again, in this episode.

Please contact us if you would like that help!


This is the Church we went to for Mass: St. Mary of the Expectation. We had not heard that title for Mary before. They had a beautiful statue of Mary, pregnant. What a wonderful thing to contemplate. We talk a bit about the Church and our Mass experience, briefly, again highlighting our differences in preferences and yet, not surprisingly – it works!

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