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Infestation Fantastic Fest 2022: Smile
September 26, 2022

INFESTATION FANTASTIC FEST 2022: SMILE We got to see the world premiere of this new horror film starring Sosie Bacon (does that mean we’re only one degree away from Kevin now?) at Fantastic Fest. The

Infestation Fantastic Fest 2022: The Antares Paradox
September 25, 2022

INFESTATION FANTASTIC FEST 2022: THE ANTARES PARADOX The Antares Paradox is a Spanish sci-fi drama and the debut of director Luis Tinoco who works with actress Andrea Trepat in the role of Alexandra.

Infestation Fantastic Fest 2022: Deep Fear
September 25, 2022

INFESTATION FANTASTIC FEST 2022: DEEP FEAR Sonia and Max are good friends with Henry and as a send-off before he has to go do mandatory military service, they are led by a recent friend Remy on a tour

Infestation Fantastic Fest 2022: Everyone Will Burn
September 24, 2022

INFESTATION FANTASTIC FEST 2022: EVERYONE WILL BURN This Spanish horror film is playing things with a degree of comedy, but playing it with a knowing smirk as it flips aspects of The Omen on its head.

Infestation Fantastic Fest 2022: The Offering
September 24, 2022

INFESTATION FANTASTIC FEST 2022: THE OFFERING Nick Blood plays Art, a young husband who is trying to make it work in commercial real estate but it’s not panning out. He returns reluctantly with his wi

Infestation: Fantastic Fest 2022: Unidentified Objects
September 24, 2022

INFESTATION: FANTASTIC FEST 2022: UNIDENTIFIED OBJECTS Wright and Chris take on their first film of this year’s Fantastic Fest, a road trip movie with a very uptight and mean-spirited gay dwarf and a

Highly Suspect Reviews: See How They Run
September 21, 2022

SEE HOW THEY RUN MOVIE REVIEW Between Kenneth Branagh’s Hercule Poirot adaptations and Rian Johnson’s Benoit Blanc movies, famed author Agatha Christie and Christie-inspired mysteries are enjoying som

Screener Squad: Cobra Kai Season 5
September 20, 2022

COBRA KAI SEASON 5 REVIEW Crane Kicks are striking first and showing no mercy in the YouTube turned Netflix 80’s throwback Lega-sequel series sensation Cobra Kai Season 5. After re-aggravating and old

Digital Noise Episode 309: Taking Wright for a Drive
September 20, 2022

DIGITAL NOISE EPISODE 309: TAKING WRIGHT FOR A DRIVE Wright and Chris take on these home releases filled with glowy lanterns, flying guillotines, teenage killers, bad dads, stupid dinosaurs and so muc

Highly Suspect Reviews: Pearl
September 15, 2022

PEARL MOVIE REVIEW After Ti West’s 70s slasher X came out in March of this year, everyone was really surprised to hear he and his star were returning a few months later for the prequel to the film, se