Ohiohammer - The 9th Age Podcast

Ohiohammer - The 9th Age Podcast

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655 - Rewriting Pannithor Part Tres
September 17, 2023

Rewriting Pannithor Part 3: Join Matt and Dave for the next installment of the discussion around future army directions

654 - Shadows in the Void
September 13, 2023

Join Jeremy, RC Member Matt Carmack, and Mantics own Kyle Przelenski to talk all things new Twilight Kin

653 - Carolina Cryptid
August 27, 2023

We are joined by Matt Schenker to chat about his upcoming North Carolina event, the Carolina Cryptid. It is a 1995 point one day scheduled for October 7th. All the details for the event can be found a

651 - Jackson Blakemore Experience
August 13, 2023

When reviewing our long list of interview participants from the US Masters one name jumped out to us as needing his own dedicated show. So today we have bundled several great interviews with Jackson a

650 - New Aussie Masters
August 09, 2023

Join two members of the Aussie Masters committee and 2 potential qualifiers as they talk all things Aussie Masters. Where it has come from, where is it going and how does it differ to other parts of t

649 - Omaha Masters: Sunday
August 06, 2023

We bring you the next batch of content recorded at this years US Masters in Omaha. (0:00:50) - Lucas Gitar(0:08:15) - Jeff ONeal, Nathan Clevenger and Keith Randall(0:22:13) - Jeff and Tyler Schiltg

648 - Omaha Masters: Post Mortem
August 02, 2023

Tom Annis joins us for a deep dive into the Omaha Masters in classic Spymaster fashion!

647 - Command Protocols
July 30, 2023

Join Tyler, Jeremy, Kyle, and Mat as they talk the new Firefight update.