Off Colored Discussions Podcast

Off Colored Discussions Podcast

OCDiscussions – #No Offense, Swap Cast, 1 yr. Anniversary

July 10, 2018

Featured Podcast: Hop Nation USA
The week of the Fourth of July, 2018, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary with our boys from the Florida swamps, #No Offense, and had ourselves a great time! Their first swap cast we kicked off our new intro, had delicious beer, and got to talking about a whole lot of stuff. From #HollowMoon, to #PabstSucks, we covered a lot of stuff. This is a special episode. Hope you guys enjoy it and thanks for the support!!

 Beer of the Week:
We got down with another two for from our friends over at the Beer Store in Nashua, NH. This week, we try an American IPA from Branch and Blade Brewing Co. "Waiting Out The Rain" and from a brewery that is becoming a favorite around here, Masons Brewing Co. "Rekkr" one of the 4 Norsemen.

Featured Music:
Myles Bullen - "Throw Shade feat. Shang-High"! Off his album "Not Dead Yet" that is set to release August 3 2018. You can hear more from Myles, with a "Y" Bullen, on his YouTube channel and these other links. Facebook:, Instagram: Get some merch and be Grateful As Fuck! BandCamp:

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