Observed Tech PODCAST

Observed Tech PODCAST

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Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 18)
September 27, 2020

Back after a couple of busy weeks but ready to share the latest across the entire spectrum of the show leading off with a couple of articles about pandemic swindles for those looking for work and why we can't just stick to what we know in this day and ...

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 17)
September 13, 2020

In this show we open with a discussion about the return of the Gateway computer brand selling Windows and Android devices in Walmart. In the faith section, classes have begun for year two and I share some details about what the Rite of Candidacy Mass s...

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 16)
September 07, 2020

We open this show covering Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020's huge release and my own hands on with Surface Duo including the two aspects of the device that really surprised me. In faith, an update on our online class now that we have a syllabus to see ...

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 15)
August 30, 2020

Here at the very end of August in a quite different year than we all expected when it started, there is still plenty to discuss about faith, tech, and space. We kick this episode off with a discussion around returning to movie theaters to watch movies ...

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 14)
August 22, 2020

There is plenty of news across our three-fold spectrum for this episode. I wrap up details about the PC build I recently completed and provide some schedule updates for my continued diaconate formation as we prepare for year two. In tech,

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 13)
August 09, 2020

Rolling with a weekly schedule we kick off about my incoming PC build and the parts I am using for this new setup, closing out my first year of formation with some new information on upcoming classes and purchasing my first vestments.

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 12)
August 02, 2020

Busy show today with a lot of news to catch up on from the last five weeks across all three focus areas of the show! I open with my take on Windows 10 running great and the bargain that is Game Pass which everyone should check out.

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 11)
June 28, 2020

It has been just two weeks since our last show, but still a long list of news across the spectrum to discuss including changes to the Windows Insider Program and the latest with the testing and roll out of the new Microsoft Edge.

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 10)
June 14, 2020

Welcome to Episode 10 of the Faith, Tech, and Space PODCAST. Scheduling recordings are still a challenge but one we will get figured out. I lead off with the latest around my formation and the completion of year number one and I share where we are at i...

Faith, Tech, and Space (Episode 9)
May 10, 2020

Back behind the microphone with big updates about my aspirancy formation for the permanent diaconate, updates about the Windows Insider and Edge Insider Programs, a big tech update, and quite a bit of space news this cycle.