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NPPBC's Media Ministry

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Always Present, Always There
September 24, 2023

There is no place that we can be that God is not there. God is everywhere all the time. This is a fact that is hard for the human mind to understand. This means you can’t just leave God somewhere on p

Chastisement From God
September 17, 2023

God only chastises His children. A lost person isnt chastised by God because they are not His. A saved person struggles against the flesh because its sinful. There are a lot of people that say they

At The Foot Of The Cross
September 17, 2023

Death is permanent. You have two places to go to after death, Heaven or Hell. How many people believe they will live forever, and never die? Adam and Eve sinned in the garden. A lot of blame is place

Journey Home
September 10, 2023

My Fathers Love Because He Loved Me Thats Just His Way The Same God Id Rather Have Jesus He Never Fails Me I Dont Know Any Better Than Jesus A Few Steps From Home A Whisper Away Its Alright, Its

The Glory Of The Cross
September 10, 2023

You never want to get so large, big that others cant see the cross. When you think of the Glory of Christ what do you think of? When one thinks of the Roman crucifixions theres nothing glorious abou

The Gifts Over Fear
September 06, 2023

We will all stand in front of God one day and give an account of our life. Matthew 25 tells us a parable of a man who was given a talent and his fear kicked in. His fear took over and he hid it becaus

Nothing But The Blood
September 03, 2023

Anything that this world has to offer cant get you into Heaven. The only thing that will get you into Heaven is Jesus Christ. Everyone has blood that flows through their body but it is corrupt. It

Search Me, O God
September 03, 2023

We should be honest enough to drop our pride and allow God to deal with our sins. This will require some searching. We like to lie about our soul and whether we are good or not. We were born this way

Storms Are Coming
August 30, 2023

In our lives we have a lot of storms we could talk about. A lady in the Bible had a storm in her life. For 12 years she had a health issue with her blood. She did everything she could think of to take

The Russell Family
August 27, 2023

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