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Is Gods Timing Perfect?
July 21, 2021

We read about David and him being anointed to be king yet for many years ran from Saul all the while asking God, when. Our timing is not God's timing. Tonight we will discuss the act of patience. God

Does the Dead Rise Again?
July 18, 2021

We are living in a post-Christian society. Some today lived in a time in which Christ came first in most cases. That time is gone and most do not believe in God. We live in a time where people are abs

What’s It Look Like To Love Another?
July 14, 2021

The world has a concept of love and it’s different than God’s love. A human's love is based on what you can do for me. It’s traded and exchanged. Nothing means nothing. One can’t be loved until they a

Locust Ridge
July 11, 2021

00:06 .... If You're Talking About That Old Time Religion 03:32 .... Redeemed 08:04 .... Home 15:21 .... Did I Mention? 19:35 .... When He Sees Me 26:15 .... Looking Down in the Valley 36:04 .... Stre

Who’s Your God?
July 11, 2021

We need to recognize who we serve. God is all-powerful and there is none like Him. Does He have enemies? Do we as Christians have enemies? Yes, but we as Christians are not the minority. Jehoshaphat d

What Are We Gonna Do?
July 04, 2021

As you look around in the world in which we live we see and hear that the world is turning quickly against God. People live in a reprobate mind doing as they wish without any concern of their soul or

The Wicked Heart
June 30, 2021

The heart is similar to the transmission of a vehicle. The car will just sit and not move until the transmission is turning. A lot of times we get downhearted in this life. At times we also have joy i

The Work Of The Holy Spirit
June 27, 2021

Three things that the Spirit of God does that have never stopped. There will be a day when these things will stop and that is the day the Sinner When the Holy Spirit reproves, you will be changed. When He speaks to you when you are lost you’re immedi...

The Joyaires
June 27, 2021

00:00 . . . . . . . Someday 02:55 . . . . . . . He’s Coming Again 10:23 . . . . . . . He Has 16:04 . . . . . . . Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord 25:50 . . . . . . . Old Fashioned Way 33:47 . . . . . . . We Shall See Jesus

You’re Not Alone
June 23, 2021

Have you ever felt alone? Feeling alone doesn’t mean that you are alone but it’s something that the enemy likes to use to separate us. The only one preaching, teaching, working, singing, etc. You’re not the only one.