NPPBC's Media Ministry

NPPBC's Media Ministry

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Jesus Christ the Same
November 20, 2022

As Christians, we should know and do the first 9 verses of Hebrews 13. The scripture we will focus on is verse 8. The same Before anything was created God was there. This is hard for the human mind to

November 16, 2022

Many people want to continue to live in the way that they want to live. They refuse to see and obey the Word of God. God didnt save you for just one reason, to get into Heaven. Heaven is a great thin

Reevaluating God
November 13, 2022

Is it a treasure? Is it a risk? Is it a sacrifice? Is it a time? Do you value God as a treasure? Matthew 13: 44-46; notice in these scriptures we see they gave everything for a great price. We are afr

Selling Yourself Short
November 13, 2022

Many people are just settling into the comfort of their here and now. The United States could be the only peace, promise land that some may ever know. The reasons they stopped short. They over-value

Give It All
November 09, 2022

There is only one way that you can be saved and that is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. This is the most important thing. In this reading, we see a man named Ornan. He gave everything, he gave

Cades Cove Service
November 06, 2022

0:00 . . . . . . One Day I Will 5:14 . . . . . . Pray For Me (When All Goes Well) 8:06 . . . . . . Treasures Unseen 10:49 . . . . . . God On the Mountain 14:02 . . . . . . Pastor Tommy Boring (Intro/P

Satan Desires to Have You
November 06, 2022

There are spiritual battles going on around us all the time. Arent you glad you dont know about or cant see them? Jesus knew Peter would cut a man's ear off later that night, He also knew that he w

What Will It Take To Get Your Attention?
October 31, 2022

Sometimes we need something to get our attention. We often become prideful in ourselves. This is nothing we have to work on as its built into our nature. God knows how to get your attention. What wil

The Great Omission
October 30, 2022

God is such a sovereign God. Yet, when He tells us to go we push back. The first two letters of the word Gospel are G-O. Matthew 23:23, the things that you should have done yet you didnt do it. If yo

You’ve Got to Have Help to Get to Heaven
October 26, 2022

John 14:6; the only way to get to Heaven is through Jesus Christ. You could be on every church roll in the world. You could be baptized one hundred times or by the greatest minister alive. No person w