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NPPBC's Media Ministry

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Come Out of the Cave
March 12, 2023

The church is supposed to be a hospital. You have to take the bandage off for the doctor to fix it. Are you hugging your self-pity? If you’re always looking for something to “butter your toast” then y

The Hard Cases Of Luke 7
March 12, 2023

There are hard things that come to us at times. We all experience it regardless. It rains on the just, just as the unjust. God never said it would be easy just because you’re saved, but what He did sa

God Is In The House
March 08, 2023

Weve been praying for a revival for a while to come to us. We need to be doing Gods work and inviting people to come into the house of God. It doesnt take a lot of people to work for God. These men

Gain Over Loss
March 05, 2023

No one will be able to stand against God. When one gets saved some things are given and then some things are taken away. The wrath of God is happening all around us each second. We might not be able t

The Suffering of Our Savior
March 05, 2023

Many people died on a cross at the Romans hands. It was common for them to make a mixture of cheap wine and myrrh. It was basic anesthesia to help aid the suffering. When they offered it up to Jesus,

What Will It Take?
March 01, 2023

We are no different than Adam, Eve, or even David. We are all sinful and we try to justify it. We try to tell ourselves its not as bad as others sins. Daily in the garden, God would walk and talk wi

The Captain
February 26, 2023

Being alone with God is a beautiful thing. God does not sit idle. He is always ready and willing. There arent enough devils in Hell to defeat God. Which side are you on? God doesnt follow you around

I Love This Place!
February 22, 2023

In the Old Testament, we know that God dwelled in structures, tents, temples, tabernacles, mountains, etc. However, after Christ came and gave His life we now have God living within the Christian. One

See In Part
February 19, 2023

We look at others and we judge, its just what we do. We only see in part. We are all living in enemy territory. We only see in part. We cant see the angels and demons fighting around us. Homosexuals

The Pylant Family
February 19, 2023

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