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NPPBC's Media Ministry

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The Russell Family
August 14, 2022

00:00 . . . . . The Russell Family 00:31 . . . . . Farther Along 05:07 . . . . . Lord, You’re the Best Thing, That Ever Happened To Me 09:23 . . . . . When I’m Down 12:16 . . . . . He Is My Guide 14:3

Our Constant Spiritual Duties (Part 2)
August 14, 2022

Put off, Put on, and Let Put Off There are things that we as Christians need to put off. As long as you are in the flesh there are going to be problems. We have the ability and responsibility to put o

Be Steadfast and Faithful Unto the End
August 10, 2022

When the rapture takes place there will be planes crashing, trains crashing, cars crashing, and people running to the mountains for the rocks to hide them. We should be steadfast and ready for the Lor

Our Constant Spiritual Duties (Part 1)
August 03, 2022

We can’t just take a day off from living in the Spirit. In such a dark world we should be a bright light. Don’t let your light grow dim. We have no excuse to say that our flesh took over and allowed u

The Hard Things of Life Produce the Good Things of God
July 31, 2022

Romans 5:3-5 Tribulation often brings good things to our lives. Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s from the devil. God has a better purpose for you than you could ever think. The hard th

You Can Pick Your Sin, But You Can’t Pick The Consequences
July 31, 2022

We are all sinners. None of us are exempt from sin. How many of you have regrets about the sins that you’ve done? There are some things that you’ll do that are irreparable. There’s not an alcoholic, o

Fishers of Men
July 24, 2022

0:00 . . . . . I'll Take the Old Highway  5:46 . . . . . Let Me Tell You About Jesus  10:40 . . . . . I Had a Birth I Can’t Remember and One I Can’t Forget  12:47 . . . . . I Am the One  19:47 . . . .

The Dangers of Self-Righteousness (Part 2)
July 20, 2022

Most lost people don’t want to go to church because they think they are just as good as the saved person. They think they don’t need God because they’re good. They have a self-righteousness about them

VBS Commencement
July 15, 2022

Brother Dustin Parks delivers the message for VBS Commencement.

VBS Thursday
July 14, 2022

Pastor Tommy teaches on the book of Revelation.