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NPPBC's Media Ministry

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Send Us With A Mission
November 29, 2020

In Luke 10:2 we see something that Jesus told us to do. He tells us to go out into the field and gather the harvest. There is not a lack of the gospel but a lack of laborers.   In Genesis we see that Abram was told to just go out,

Distinctly Christian
November 22, 2020

People need to know the difference between Christlike and a Christian.    In this scripture we see that this is not a command. It’s plainly a choice to do the will of God. In the time we live we see many religions and many gods.

Heavens Highway
November 22, 2020

Thank You Lord for Your Blessings On Me Come Morning Until Then Without Him I've Been Touched God On The Mountain I Will Never Walk Through The Valley Again Do You Know How It Feels? So Much To Thank Him For Didn't He Shine

Patience in Prayer
November 18, 2020

How would it be if with every prayer you said it actually was answered the way you asked it?    In this scripture we see a person that is desperate. If you’ve lived a life of a Christian and find yourself in a place where you just can’s see out of,

Pluck It Out and Cut It Off
November 15, 2020

Just like the 6th commandment about killing someone, it goes beyond the physical part. God created men and He created women, male and female. This is a wonderful thing and ordained the institution of marriage between one man and one woman.

Looking Down Your Nose
November 15, 2020

The commandments have a deeper meaning than just the outward act. Most look at the external part of the commandments. In this particular scripture we see Jesus deal with not only the external but the internal issue of murdering someone.

Resting In God or Resting Against God
November 11, 2020

When we look around the world today we see Christians tending to fight against themselves or the wrong thing. God knows everything and He knows that when you fight against the wrong thing you’re fighting against Him.  

The Crossroads
November 08, 2020

We as a Christian are above all laws of the world. Those laws that are given to a Christian is to love God with all your heart and to love others as yourself. He didn’t say to only love those that look like you or act like you. It’s to love EVERYONE!

Consistency of Daniel
November 08, 2020

Power in a person often ends in great pride and a horrible doom. In this story we see that Belshazzar knew what God was capable of and who He was, however, he did what he wanted. It was at the end of his life that he was told of his wrongdoing and his ...

In Christ Alone
November 04, 2020

Power in a person usually will bring forth a sinful nature and a great fall. It might seem that the enemy is great and it might seem that the evil forces are stronger but with God nothing can stand against Him.