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NPPBC's Media Ministry

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Pure In Heart
September 27, 2020

Being pure at heart is a must in order to do the first 5 items listed of the beatitudes. We need to understand what Jesus said about the heart. Matthew 6:21. Having been born again, there is a pure heart.  

Are You Going To Heaven?
September 27, 2020

Sin should make you sick when one thinks about out. Being saved means that sin has no old on you. If it does, then you may not be saved. Being saved means that once you pass then Christ states that your sins have been washed away.

The Merciful
September 23, 2020

Merciful people mention by Matthew Henry.   Those are the merciful, who are piously and charitably inclined to pity, help, and succour persons in misery.  A man may be truly merciful, who has not wherewithal to be bountiful or liberal;...

Hunger And Thirst For Righteousness
September 20, 2020

Matthew Henry: All true spiritual blessings.   We do not want to forget the word righteousness. Is the state commanded by God. It is the standing the test of His tests. Do not confuse mans versus Gods definition of righteousness.

The Meek
September 16, 2020

When one thinks of the leaders of the world, Meek is not a description to most all of them.   Matthew Henry:  - The meek are those who quietly submit themselves to God, to his word and to his rod, who follow his directions,

They That Mourn
September 13, 2020

In verse 4 we see an oddity. It’s the opposite of what we know. Mourning is often a sad time. There is not reference in the Bible where we see it noted that Christ laughed. However, we do see that Jesus often wept or mourned.  

Poor In Spirit
September 13, 2020

Blessed: Fully satisfied. Another word is happy but it is limited. We often when asked state that we are blessed. We think of those earthly things that we have, food, shelter, family, etc. However, the lost and saved alike usually have these things.

Blessing Insurance
September 06, 2020

Eight directives that Christ gave that were different than before. Very different than what most know today.    Paradox: a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense but perhaps true.  

Following Jesus
September 02, 2020

Matthew 5:1-2 If you follow Jesus you will learn some things. He is always teaching us things if we are willing to be taught.   Matthew 5:3-12 These are the beatitudes that Jesus preached. The key to these is that no one knew about them unless they...

Persevering Unto the End
August 30, 2020

How to Know When Someones Saved? When the spirit bears witness. A testimony is great but it doesn’t mean much because anyone can have one.   Hebrews 3:6, 14   Once you’ve been saved, you’re always saved.