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A New Podcast-In Your Corner

June 20, 2020

I wanted to tell you about my new podcast: In Your Corner Divorce.

I just wanted to share with my Northstar Big Book audience an exciting new podcast I am working on called In Your Corner Divorce.  If you ever listened to "Dear Sugar," it's that vibe.  Real, gritty, honest, goal-oriented, and no BS.

I will be reading anonymous letters from people either contemplating a divorce, going through a divorce, or post-divorce who need advice and I will give it from the perspective of the Northstar.  A Northstar Divorce is one that sets the children as the Northstar.  All decisions are made based on what's best for the children.  The sole purpose of this podcast is to not "f" up our kids because of our divorce.

There will be guests who have been through divorce and have an awesome experience and perspective.  There will be experts, family lawyers, and therapists who will help the listener understand the impact of divorce and how the way we choose to go about this next chapter will make all the difference for our kids. Email me:

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Also, check out my new podcast: In Your Corner Divorce (a podcast about coparenting and focusing on the Northstar-the kids).

And my memoir: Seconds and Inches (available on Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble, Apple and anywhere else you can imagine).