No One Told Me

No One Told Me

For When You’re Ready To Live A Soft Life

October 24, 2022

You know what I'm ready for? What I'm doing my very best to build? A soft life. I'm tired of this life lived trying to prove something, you know? Because it never ends. There's always some new finish line to get to, and as I get older - I want less focus on where I'm finishing in the race and more focus on how I'm running it.

The soft life is in not trying to live a life being who anyone else wants you to be, but paying attention to who you are and who Jesus is calling you to be in spite of expectations and circumstances. It's not easy. But it's possible. And the more we focus on learning our own rhythms instead of trying to match the rhythms of everyone else - the more we'll learn what it means to walk steadily and humbly, only seeking to please our Creator instead of chasing everything we're creating.

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