Noobs & the Whovian

Noobs & the Whovian

114 Matt Smith Recap

August 03, 2020

Welcome to Episode 114 covering the Series 5-7 with a Matt Smith Recap!

Live from Master Closet Studios, you’re listening to the only podcast on the internet covering three years of Doctor Who simultaneously: It’s the Noobs and the Whovian! 

My name is Austin and I’m the Whovian, and these are my sons Corbin and Tripp and we’re the noobs!

This is the podcast that introduces a whole new generation to Doctor Who by watching an episode each week and discussing it from the perspective of a dad who’s seen it before, and two sons who haven’t. 


We’re gonna do something that we haven’t done in quite a while. It’s been exactly 50 episodes since we did a Doctor Recap episode!

We watched the Farewell to Matt Smith special included with the 2013 Christmas specials to help jog our memory somewhat. We suggest you do the same!

Misc Trivia 

* Apparently, Matt Smith actually brought in the bowtie?! He said in The Next Doctor that he wore a tweed jacket and bowtie to the audition and the showrunners didn’t like it at first!

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* Name of the episode spoken in dialogue?* Matt Smith cemented his place as the 11th Doctor because he was the first one to be specifically called by his number on screen* Creature of the week* Austin – Weeping Angels, honorable mention to Grandpa/The Mummy/Alarm Clock in Rings of Akhaten* Corbin – the silents* Tripp –  The Silence (so scary and i love the thought that you don’t know if there real or not because you always forget them when you see them. Also love there look.)* Bow ties are cool* Austin – I love that the bowtie was not only Smith’s idea, but it charged him up just like it does the Doctor!* Tripp – yes all the way good choice.* Hats* Austin – the Dickensian top-hat* Corbin – shooting the Stetson* Tripp – fezzes are cool (which he only wears onscreen for about 8 minutes!)* Geronimo* Running count – 16* Jammie Dodger sighting* Running count – 4* Stuff the Doctor loves* Corbin – toggles; good noun, great verb* Tripp –  River (oh sad doctor)*  Jiggery Pokery* Sonic* Austin – I like that it shot up out of the control console in Eleventh Hour.* Corbin – eleven showing off his sonic to ten* Tripp –  it has dampers ( it’s so random which is why i love it)* TARDIS * Austin – I love how much we explored the TARDIS with Eleven. He/we got to meet her. We got to see what it was like to have the TARDIS controlled by an evil mind (House) and mess with the companions. We got to journey to the center of the TARDIS. We got multiple control rooms!* Corbin – storing control rooms that haven’t existed yet* Tripp –  snap to open (i thought it was dumb at first but now i think its cool)* Psychic paper* Austin – it’s a great reminder that sometimes the Doctor is a total conman. Rebel Flesh/Almost People – he flashed the psychic paper and then went “show me the stuff, you know which stuff.”* Tripp – one of my favorite things (i’ve always loved it when he walks into a room pulls it out and goes with what it says) * The Question/Doctor Who? (does anyone have a favorite occurrence “ Doctor Who?”* Austin – Dorium, Countess Clara* Tripp – the Daleks all saying it at the same time. * Doctorgangers (duplicates of the Doctor) – Tess...