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Shift to a Fee for Service Model
January 06, 2021

It's a super-sized New Year's episode this week! This week we find out whether a nonprofit needs to file tax returns in every state. Stacey and Andy weigh shifting to a fee-for-service model. And finally: Help! The ED edits all my work! - Topics:

Managing Volunteers in a Pandemic
December 23, 2020

Stacey has a wide-ranging and fascinating conversation about volunteering with guest expert Jacob Murdock, Manager, Volunteer & Community Partnerships at the Mob Museum. And be sure to check out Wild & Free: A Battle Born Podcast, that Jacob co-hosts.

Both Christmas Card and End of Year Letter?
December 09, 2020

Should we send both an end of year letter and a Christmas card? Stacey knows! (Andy doesn't). What should we do if a board member applies for a staff position? And Guest Expert Greg Wilken, CEO of Endunamo Consulting helps us figure out whether an exec...

Do for-profit salespeople make good fundraisers?
November 25, 2020

Do for-profit salespeople make good fundraisers? Maybe! Also, this week Andy and Stacey evangelize program related investments (again,) and discuss whether a fiscal sponsorship or full 501(c)3 is the way to go. - Topics: -

Is it Legal to have a Single-Ethnicity Board?
November 11, 2020

Just two questions this week, but one of them's juicy. Guess which one: Should we pay a professional auctioneer for our silent auction? or Is it legal to have a single-ethnicity board? As always, Stacey and Andy have opinions! - Topics: -

A Board with a Budget Deficit
October 28, 2020

A jam-packed episode! This week we explore whether the the Executive Director should be present for the board retreat, how to manage a grumpy finance committee when the financials are never ready, and if a non-compete agreement is an appropriate tool t...

Equipment Policies and Data Security with Amy Sample Ward of NTEN
October 14, 2020

Now that everybody is working from home, we rely on guest expert Amy Sample Ward, CEO of NTEN, to help answer a question about equipment policies and data security. Also, is it time to switch over to video testimonials? Stacey has some ideas! -

Selling My Nonprofit
September 30, 2020

A listener asks if they need to convert their nonprofit to a foundation before selling it. Really. (This will be fun.) Also, what happens when board members hire their friends for paid contracts? We have opinions!

The Threat Section of the SWOT Analysis
September 16, 2020

Do you *really* have to sign every single thank you note? Is it a bad idea to loan your organization money? And finally, with the zombie apocalypse upon us, is it time to rethink the threats section of the strategic plan's SWOT analysis?

Social Media
September 02, 2020

This week, we hear from guest Expert April Kemp, Integrated Communications & Social Media Manager for CIM Marketing Partners on whether or not you can post the same things to Facebook and Instagram. Stacey has some thoughts about creating a great Lette...