The NetSuite Podcast

The NetSuite Podcast

NetSuite 2020 Release 2: SuitePeople Performance Management

September 14, 2020

NetSuite’s human capital management system, SuitePeople, is getting a big update in NetSuite 2020 release 2! Vice President of Strategy and Product Management for NetSuite HCM, Hanif Ismail, joins us to reveal the exciting details. He starts off by explaining some of the big challenges companies are facing in workforce management amid COVID-19 (2:13) and how NetSuite is helping alleviate some of those pain points (10:20). Ismail dives into NetSuite’s new SuitePeople Performance Management application (15:29), how it addresses many of the broad performance management obstacles companies face (19:08) and what makes the solution stand out from competitors (24:00). HINT: Automation makes the tediousness of tracking goals and performance much easier! He concludes by providing some insight into future plans for SuitePeople (32:36).

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