Episode 82: Backcountry Thanksgiving

November 19, 2020

In Episode 82, we offer up a "Backcountry Thanksgiving" - just in time for the Holidays, and cooked fresh and right outside our studio this evening.  In the show, we deliver not 1 but 2 four course Thanksgiving meals that are lightweight, inexpensive, and ready for you to take into the wilderness.  And we pack the studio with a record six people to taste each of them - sampling hot drinks, appetizers, a main course, and desserts.

This is a family feast tonight - with two members of our panel under the age of 16.  The group also discusses our plans for the coming week, and some hiking and backpacking trips from past Thanksgiving Holidays.  Then we risk illness to sample green beans that are 13 years past their expiration date.  Don't miss this episode ... it is a classic.  And you can get our entire menu here.

Subject: Backcountry ThanksgivingInterviewees: Cardiac, Drone Boy, Sid, Therm Rider, WillInterview Date: November 16, 2020Runtime: 55:46

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