Mohawkmomma Soul

Mohawkmomma Soul

Chapel Time - Sensual Gratitude - Sight + Seek

February 22, 2021

Writing soul and oracle, you've probably played hide + seek. Well, today we're playing sight + seek. You are worth being seen and being sought after. Today, we're getting sensual with our gratitude, personally and collectively as we notice, nurture, and embody our humanity from the inside out.

Our senses help us to connect + create from a sacred meeting place—home (hospitality)! A wordless story is unfolding in our senses every day. And we want to become more mindful of the artistry we're drawn into with our senses.

Invest in your wholeness journey:
- Meditations of the Heart devotion, pg 175, "God Seeks Me" by Howard Thurman

- Order the Five Senses Card Deck.

- Download + print the card deck.

- Download 2021 Lenten devotion

- Savor the Lent Blog - Week One Meditation: The Wilderness

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