Mohawkmomma Soul

Mohawkmomma Soul

ChapelTime - Sensual Gratitude - Sound + Stirring Wind (Spirit)

February 19, 2021

Writing soul and oracle, are you noticing, nurturing, and embodying your sense of sound? Today, we're tending to our inner + outer wind stirring. Let's get sensual with our gratitude, personally and collectively.

Our senses help us to connect + create from a sacred meeting place—home (hospitality)! A wordless story is unfolding in our senses every day. And we want to become more mindful of the artistry we're drawn into with our senses.

Invest in your wholeness journey:

- Voice of God, a song by Dante Bowe + friends

- Order the Five Senses Card Deck.

- Download + print the card deck.

- Download 2021 Lenten devotion

- Savor the Lent Blog - Week One Meditation: The Wilderness

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