The Mind‘s Eye show

The Mind‘s Eye show

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Are we living in the Matrix?
November 17, 2021

Are we living inside a computer simulated reality like in The Matrix movies? Renowned MIT computer scientist and Silicon Valley video game designer Rizwan Virk draws from both scientific and ancient e

Southern Music Stories: Otis Redding & Lynyrd Skynyrd
November 09, 2021

Legendary music manager, promoter, and producer Alan Walden talks about working with classic R&B and Rock n roll acts like his best friend Otis Redding, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Sam & Dave, and Percy Sledge. A

Identified Flying Objects: Time Traveler Theory
June 24, 2021

Dr. Michael P. Masters examines the premise that aliens are human descendants from the future using UFOs, or time travel machines, to study their own evolutionary past. His book, Identified Flying Obj

Chinese UFOs & Lost Civilizations
June 22, 2021

Chinese ufologist Shao Ma gives insights into the Chinese UFO community, and how they survive under China's tightened political control. She also shares China's most popular UFO cases and her own cont

Remote Viewing 101
June 17, 2021

Scientist Stephan A. Schwartz was part of the small group that founded modern remote viewing research. He will tell us about his experiences and discoveries as the principal researcher studying it's u

Vampire Stories & Science
June 17, 2021

How much of the vampire myth is based in fact? Can science explain the origins of horror’s most famous fiend? Dr. Kathryn Harkup shares insights from her book Vampirology as she charts the murky water

Lost Civilizations & The Atlantis Myth
May 28, 2021

JD Kenyon reveals evidence for forgotten civilizations at the end of the last Ice Age. Based on recent archaeological discoveries, anomalous ancient maps, and Biblical evidence, he explores sites like

Jesse James’ Lost Treasure
May 20, 2021

The great-great grandchildren of outlaw Jesse James, Dan & Teresa Duke, return to discuss their investigation into the lost treasures of their famous relative. Based on secret diaries and coded treasu

America’s Bloody Frontier
May 07, 2021

The explosive true saga of the legendary figure Daniel Boone and the bloody struggle for American's frontier. Fueled by contemporary diaries and journals, newspaper reports, and eyewitness accounts, j

Does Science Prove God?
April 20, 2021

Dr. Stephen Meyer presents groundbreaking scientific evidence about the Big Bang, DNA, and the Goldilocks Universe that makes the case for intelligent design of life and the universe. Based on breakth