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49 – Free Hugs and the Advantage of Fear with Kemy Joseph
January 28, 2021

Free Hugs? Im down! Whats the Advantage of Fear? In this episode, Kemy Joseph shares with us how difficult it was to simply offer a hug or a high five to a stranger. With so...

48 – Fear As Motivation
December 14, 2020

Using Fear as Motivation is super relevant in 2020.  Way back in the before times, April of 2020, Brian and Cory recorded this episode and nearly lost it to time and poor file management.  The...

47 – Training Your Dog Brain with Kate Godfrey
September 02, 2020

Sit! Speak! Stay a while and listen!  Dog training is more about training the human than the dog. The founder of Comprehensive Canine Training teaches Mindfulness of Doom how to Train Your Dog Brain.  No...

46 – In the Wake of Loss
February 07, 2020

How do we stay mindful in the wake of loss?  In this episode we hosted an Instagram Live call to allow for our listeners to ask their questions about loss and grief and mindfulness in...

45 – Lost In Existence
November 11, 2019

The Doom Duo is back and this month Brian and Cory are discussing being lost in existence!  This episode was recorded from an Instagram Live call from Brian’s Inner Sensei series talking to teachers, practitioners,...

044 – Brian’s Brain Ghosts with Rabbi Adam Gindea
September 14, 2019

What happens when Brain, Cory, and Rabbi Adam Gindea just talk?  Well, we ramble and drift from conversations about short term memory loss to spirituality, to the shortcomings of religion, to marriage, to video games,...

43 – Super SMASH Slumlords with Adrian Madriz
May 07, 2019

Adrian Madriz is the Director of SMASH, the Struggle for Miami’s Affordable and Sustainable Housing.  He joins Mindfulness of Doom to discuss eating the rich, video games, and proper beard maintenance. Cory gets flattered, Brian...

42 – The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything with Rabbi Adam Gindea
April 11, 2019

Rabbi Adam Gindea of Base Miami joins Mindfulness of Doom to discuss the nature of religion, his recent spiritual awakening, and mystic teachings as they relate to other religious beliefs.  Since this is episode 42,...

41 – Service is Self Mastery with Stefan Ravalli
March 12, 2019

Stefan Ravalli is a Hospitality Professional and Meditation teacher! He joins the Mindfulness of Doom team to discuss his podcast Serve Conscious, and how the art of service is really a path towards understanding the...

40 – Emotional Fitness with Akasha Rosewaters
February 14, 2019

Akasha Rosewaters is a Life Love and Emotional Fitness Coach, who has brought her Emofit Method to the Mindfulness of Doom studios to talk about authenticity, doubts, and emotional trauma. She opens