Millennium Live | A Leadership & Discovery Podcast

Millennium Live | A Leadership & Discovery Podcast

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Episode 185 | IT solutions that Meet You Where You Are
December 05, 2022

Companion Data Services provides leading IT solutions and managed services. We operate multiple geographically disperse data centers, which host applications and process billions of transactions, supporting state, federal and commercial business. The #Mil

Episode 184 | SAP on Hyperscale Cloud
November 28, 2022

To kick off the week with a solution that is engineering the best SAP on cloud experience to clients across a variety of industries including, Healthcare, Consumer Products, Hospitality, and more. Eamonn O’Neill​, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Episode 183 | Enterprise Integration: Redesigned.
November 17, 2022

To complete our week of networking at the Digital Enterprise CIO Transformation Assembly in Denver, we had the pleasure to chat with Tam Ayers, Field CTO, North America at Digibee. Digibee enables organizations to build flexible, highly scalable integrati

Episode 182 | Put Your Data To Work
November 14, 2022

In a world of diverse data that is constantly changing, Datorios solves the challenge of building data pipelines and makes it a simple and enjoyable task. On this #millenniumlive episode dedicated to Millennium's DATA Transformation Assembly, we're talkin

Episode 181 | Like A Survey, But Better
November 07, 2022

What if you could hear from all your employees at once, and leverage their expertise into a strategy you could use? With the world's first and only anti-bias enterprise discussion management platform, the actual human perspective can be scaled into high-

Episode 180 | Behind Every Great Idea is a Human Truth
November 01, 2022

Visier is the recognized global leader in people analytics and on-demand answers for people-powered business Visier reveals the fundamental questions and actionable insights to help business and employees win together. Paul Rubenstein heads the People and

Episode 179 | Make Ordinary Customer Experiences Extraordinary
October 03, 2022

#MillenniumLive welcomes Mark Smith, VP of Digital Engagement Solutions at CSG. By channeling the power of all, CSG makes ordinary customer and employee experiences extraordinary. CSG is with you and your customers every step of the way, and at every stag

Episode 178 | Dr. Jonathan Gruber
September 26, 2022

Alex's next guest on the #MillenniumLive podcast series is Dr. Jonathan Gruber, Ford Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he has taught since 1992 (30 years). He is also the Director of the Health Care Program at the

Episode 177 | Let's Secure the Future with Rapid7
September 16, 2022

What if security was an opportunity and not an obstacle? On this cybersecurity-focused episode of the Millennium Live podcast, Andre Cuenin, Chief Revenue Officer at Rapid7, believes in simplifying the complex through shared visibility, analytics, and au

Episode 176 | Dr. Nirit Pisano
September 06, 2022

A licensed psychologist, this #MillenniumLive guest has spent the past 20 years studying human emotions and behavior through the lens of clinical and developmental psychology. Dr. Nirit Pisano, Chief Psychology Officer at Cognovi Labs, advises the team on