Dr. Mike Mayer Psychologist & Motivational Speaker

Dr. Mike Mayer Psychologist & Motivational Speaker

Latest Episodes

Entitlement: What do you think you are entitled to?
October 29, 2020

Entitlement involves a responsivity to at in an appropriate ways to others. What is one entitled to? Can you change your expectations of entitlement? Learn more here.

What are some lies that prevent powerful results?
October 07, 2020

Lies we tell ourselves... It can never happen. Complaining is OK. Ill fix it later.... Things that paralyze us and keep us from creating a better life for ourselves.

What are some tips to obtaining a positive attitude?
September 17, 2020

What takes place in this world is not as important as how we view it. Put things in perspective. Is our stress and frustration really worth it? Have something to look forward to. Looking forward can keep you focused and excited. Help others,

What people do you trust enough to share your deepest thoughts and concerns with?
August 25, 2020

To talk to someone about things they have to understand confidentiality, be a good listener. We must respect their opinions. What would we share with them?

What are some gifts we can give to others to brighten their lives?
August 05, 2020

Our gifts are numerous. We offer acceptance, attention, forgiveness and many other gifts. We can give freely and with unconditional love. Don't under value your gifts.

What are some steps to success?
July 15, 2020

Learn 7 steps to help you succeed at your goals. We all want to make a difference and fulfill our dreams.

Aristotle: Is He Still Relevant Today?
June 03, 2020

Learn from 5 quotes by Aristotle to live a better life today. Consider new concepts and change what is in your power to change.

Tools: What tools can help us in tough times?
May 13, 2020

Looking for some tools to get through these times. Dr. Mike Mayer has some tips for you. We all have different strengths and challenges. Learn about some tools that you have at hand to help you through this.

What Are we Forgetting?
April 22, 2020

Fear which is common in these times needs to be replaced with hope for the future. Can we take actions to reduce our fear such as washing hands, and taking precautions. We have the time to get closer and be a family unit.

Challenges: How are we meeting them?
April 02, 2020

In the time of Covid-19 we need to meet this challenge in a personally successful way. Yet it can overwhelm us in all it's negative effects. Do not shut down and let fear be your only answers. Fight fear with real answers you can do to protect yours...