Dr. Mike Mayer Psychologist & Motivational Speaker

Dr. Mike Mayer Psychologist & Motivational Speaker

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Suggestions on Things to be Grateful for Each Day
September 16, 2021

Consider the things you are grateful for, those we take for granted, and those we don't; a home, an education, a job, access to food, natural resources, freedom, and much more. Listen now to find out

Why Change Anything in Our Lives?
August 26, 2021

Is self-evaluation a good thing and who sets the standards on how we judge ourselves? What is an acceptable standard to live by? What questions do we need to ask ourselves and do we take time to th

Changing Habits Could Help Make our Lives Better for Us and for Those Around Us
August 05, 2021

Some habits we may need to change require some introspection. While it is important to take care of ourselves first so we can help others, we should be aware of how our beliefs and actions affect othe

Remembering Ways to Help Us Manage Our Stress
July 15, 2021

Ready to practice some stress release measures? Consider these methods... identity what is causing you stress, ask for help, have a plan b in mind, practice relaxation techniques. Listen now to learn

Mistakes: How Do We Benefit From Them?
June 24, 2021

Can we accept the mistakes we make? Ask yourself what did you do to contribute to the failure, how it affects others? This can help us grow. We will make mistakes even in our areas of expertise. Th

Relationships: How Do They Influence Our Lives?
June 03, 2021

From the Obvious to the subtle, many relationships touch our lives. We can reduce the negative influences, as strong as they may seem. The way we think is the way we feel. How are we in a relation

Tips on How to Use Mistakes as a Way to Success
May 06, 2021

These suggestions can help you turn your mistakes into a success. Knowing the steps can help you get through and learn from the mistake vs repeat it.

Can we dare to be who we would like to be?
April 15, 2021

What would you do if you had to stretch yourself in a new way? What are the small things and what are the big things that we are afraid to move forward with. What meaningful changes can you make?

What hinders our progress in achieving mental wellness?
March 25, 2021

Are we aware that we have an issue that is affecting those around us? Are our responses to life causing us and those close to us problems? Anger, Sadness, Addiction, Perfection, Bad Relationships...

Do We Know Our Own History?
March 03, 2021

What we initially learned in life can be the hardest to change. A lot of different sources help us grow and change. We take this all in to become the person we are today. Our words take on differen