Mike Drop

Mike Drop

Episode 64: Back From The Dead with Jason Redman

November 23, 2020

In this harrowing tale of learning true leadership the hard way, I sat down with former Navy SEAL Jason Redman to talk about his story of coming back after being seriously wounded in combat and making the most of adversity. From Ranger School to Iraq, there's no shortage of great lessons learned and how to maximize opportunities from the adversity in this one.

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Table of Timestamps:

0:00 Show Start

7:26 Breaking the Ice (Best Childhood Memory)

17:50 Growing Up Redman

29:10 Sights on Seal Team

41:10 Run Through The Jungle (Seal Team 4)

46:20 Freshman Year, 9/11

53:40 Make the Call

1:02:40 Sh*tcanned back to Bagram

1:07:30 Ranger School, Round 1

1:15:30 Ranger School, Round 2

1:20:40 Back in (Platoon) Black

1:28:00 Jason's Injury

1:46:10 Off the Medevac

2:00:45 The Wife, The Kids, & The Recovery

2:15:40 Lessons in the Aftermath

2:21:10 Living Proof of a Comeback


To find out more about Jason or to purchase one of his books, visit www.jasonredman.com or find him on Facebook and Instagram @jasonredmanww.

Check out Jason's podcast, Moving The Needle with Jason Redman, on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.


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