Midwest Misfits

Midwest Misfits

"We Build the Wall" Scam, Legal Weed & Crazy Neighbors

July 17, 2020

In this bonus episode we are talking about all kinds of issues taking place across the nation. Someone is building the wall and its not Donald Trump! We also chat about legal weed, crazy neighbors, Jeff Sessions and how men can be "Karens" too.

Further your knowledge on the "We Build The Wall" SCAM:

We Build the Wall, Inc. - Home

Brian Kolfage Selected To Have Smart Home Built By Gary SiniseFamily of serviceman wounded in action receives new home

https://www.gofundme.com/f/thetrumpwallhttps://briankolfage.com/Miramar Beach veteran raising millions for border wall through GoFundMe campaignFirst section of private border wall completed

Nikki Fried Investigating Florida Vet's Hot-Button Charity, 'We Build the Wall'

Veteran behind GoFundMe for Trump's wall allegedly pocketed money meant for wounded veterans"I Felt Dirty": Former Employees Of The Veteran Crowdfunding Trump's Wall Say He Pushed Fake News To Get RichBehind the viral #GoFundTheWall fundraiser, a rising conservative star and a shadowy email harvesting operation

Veteran's border wall fundraiser falls apart as GoFundMe says $20M will be refunded

Trump rips border wall built by his ‘We Build the Wall’ supporters

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