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Midlife Mastery

Standing Out in a Sea of Sameness (with John Livesay)

May 29, 2021

How do you set yourself apart from all the others? Whether it’s in your business, career, sidehustle, or just in life, the key is though connecting with others through better communication and storytelling.
John Livesay, aka “The Pitch Whisperer”, storytelling expert, and host of “The Successful Pitch” podcast, shares how to use storytelling to stand out in a sea of sameness. He discusses:

* Creating an elevator story instead of an elevator pitch
* Creating compelling stories that connect with people
* Three things every story should be

And then we go beyond storytelling and he shares:

* Becoming a “progressionist” instead of a perfectionist (I love this!)
* When we are not where we thought we’d be by this point in our lives
* What to do when you’ve done everything right and it still doesn’t work out
* Our responsibility for the choices we make after something happens
* Detaching from outcomes

That’s a lot in only thirty or so minutes, so let’s get started!
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Episode Transcription
Note: this was transcribed by AI so please excuse any errors or grammatical weirdness in transcription.
Broc:  All right so this is. Broc Edwards, of course. And today’s guest is John Livesay. And John actually, there is so much about you. I’m not even sure where to start introducing you. So like, if I look at your website, you, you list yourself as a keynote speaker, the pitch whisper, and a storytelling experts, and that in itself covers a lot of ground.
So how do you introduce yourself?
John: I talk about. You know how so many people, especially coaches and consultants, and a lot of professional services, people are all struggling to stand out in a sea of sameness. And I’m the pitch whisper and helps them tell stories because whoever tells the best story is the one that gets hired.
And after somebody learns how to become a storyteller, their business takes off. That’s usually my little elevator story.
Broc:  So their business takes off after they tell a better story. Why is that?
John: Yes. Well, the whole goal of any story, especially a little elevator story. And notice I said elevator story instead of elevator pitch is to intrigue people enough to do what you just did, even if you’re not being interviewed.
So imagine a cocktail party, you say something like that. You people are intrigued enough. What, what’s a pitch whisper. I know dog whispered horse whisper. Or why is that? Why is the person who tells the best story? So it doesn’t matter what you ask it’s that you’ve planted something intriguing enough to get people to say, well, that’s interesting.
Tell me more about this. And so that starts a conversation. So in your particular question our brains are wired for storytelling. You know,