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Cornbread Hemp’s Big Win with Equity Crowdfunding
April 25, 2020

In the last MetroStart podcast, we talked to Cornbread Hemp's Jim Higdon about their ongoing equity crowdfunding round. - This week, we talk to Jim again about how they knocked it out of the park - nailing an oversubscribed $107,

Louisville’s Cornbread Hemp Scores a Startup Fundraising First
April 07, 2020

Louisville's Cornbread Hemp just scored a local fundraising first. They're the first company to receive Render Capital's $20,000 investment in their WeFunder Match Fund. - They're also the first local company to raise funds using Regulation CF equity ...

Louisville Entrepreneur Steven Plappert Back in the Startup Game
August 17, 2019

Steven Plappert and two co-founders, Andrew Busa and Chris Pierce, started an online fantasy sports company in 2013 called FantasyHub. The company saw early promise and growth, moved to Austin, TX to join the TechStars accelerator program,

Louisville Startup is an Implantable Healthcare Pioneer
July 22, 2019

People often cite healthcare as an area of expertise that may help propel Louisville, KY to greater startup and business prominence in the United States, and Dr. Angelique Johnson is helping us make that happen. -

How This Louisville Company Makes Online Food Ordering Better
July 03, 2019

After years of working in the corporate world, Mo Sloan saw a need. Online ordering systems that were available to restaurants had a glaring problem. They do not integrate with the restaurant's current point-of-sale systems.

How Has Y-Combinator Boosted Louisville’s WeatherCheck
June 04, 2019

What single Louisville company is part of the same fraternity as Airbnb and Dropbox? It's a company called WeatherCheck, and they now are an alumnus of the prestigious Silicon Valley accelerator Y-Combinator.

How to Make Raising Capital Easier
June 03, 2019

  - Since the very beginning, MetroStart (formerly Metro Startup Launcher) has worked to make it easier for startup companies in our area to raise capital and get started. With a lot of trial and error, we believe we have figured out a much easier way...

Want to Know More About Patrick Henshaw, LEAP CEO?
May 20, 2019

Patrick Henshaw came to Louisville about 4 months ago to lead the Louisville Entrepreneurship Acceleration Partnership (LEAP) as CEO. - If you're part of our entrepreneurial community, you've probably seen him speak at an event or two.

How to Help Save Lives and Build A Successful Startup
December 11, 2018

Rebah Wheeling was a successful insurance claims adjuster. One emotional day while meeting with a hurricane victim lead to the founding of her fast growing local company - Schedule It. - In this podcast, Rebah talks about the emotional moment that lea...

How to Get Capital for Your Startup
November 26, 2018

What's the most effective way to raise capital for your startup? - How do most companies actually raise capital for their startup in our area? - What changes in SEC law have made it easier to reach a lot more investors? -