Measuring Up Podcast

Measuring Up Podcast

#021: What’s Your Poison??

February 25, 2019

Welcome back to Season 3 of the Measuring Up Podcast! Did you miss us? We missed you all and we especially missed chatting about wood! Today we're discussing the challenges of fitting 2 hours of information in to a 15 minute video and how YouTube is slowly taking over our lives. Some great follow-up from last time too and of course we're asking the age old question, exactly how dangerous is MDF? Access the aftershow at:


* Awesome to see how Tresham College are training apprentices, wish every college was like this - Thomas Nagy's Vid here
* UK Health & Safety Executive MDF FAQ
* Alliance of sustainable building products ASBP
* Guardian MDF story
* WHO guidelines for Formaldehyde concentrations indoors are 0.08ppm; CARBp2 has a target level of 0.05ppm. General consensus is that the naturally occurring baseline level is 0.03ppm
* Concentration and Formation of naturally occurring formaldehyde in foods - Agriculture and Food Security
* Centre for food safety - Govt of Hong Kong
* White Dog Garage
* A Nomads Projects
* Makers Central 2019
* Music - Silver by Riot

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