The Local 913 Podcast

The Local 913 Podcast

Garter Shake

October 29, 2018

Pittsburgh’s Garter Shake brings to mind power feminist voices of rock music’s past presented for a modern world. The band features 3 vocalists, including guitars Jenn Jannon-Fisher. Well… kind of.

“I’m more of a screamer [laughs]… In Garter Shake, Becki  is the main vocalist and is the front person. Maura, our bassist is this beautiful harmonizer and back up vocalist. Then I come in with this screaming that my bandmates call “chatty bratty” vocal style [laughs], so that’s what I bring.”

Jenn Jannon-Fisher partnered with Becki Gallagher of Lofi Delphi to write songs that just happen to have political and feminist themes, and are already inspiring younger listeners and their parents. This was evident after they opened for Shonen Knife, Jenn was approached by a couple after the gig.

“They were like ‘Oh my gosh! You guys were amazing! I have to take my teenage daughter to come see you guys!’ And that was the week before it was our release show and they came! The mom came and she brought her daughter and 2 or 3 of her daughter’s friends. It was really cool that a parent was like ‘My kid needs a role model like this wild group of women singing about misogyny’ [laughs]”

Garter Shake’s new EP “Dirty Hair” is out now.

Photo by Douglas Cole