The Local 913 Podcast

The Local 913 Podcast


October 22, 2018

Caleb Pogyor, front man for the indie rock back Talkers, has been thinking about ego quite a bit lately. His clarity for understanding the usefulness of the ego in songwriting is impressive.

“During the songwriting process, I think it’s always interesting because I have my ego step out of the way. These songs come to me and then after I put down something, the ego steps back in and starts to rearrange it all. It feels like the ego steps out of the way, I put up an antenna and these songs come. Then the antenna drops and the ego comes back and I start working on the material.”

Pogyor is very mindful, caring and pleasant person. It makes you wonder where his kind demeanor comes from. His mom? His dad?

“Both my parents are great! I love both of them. Honestly, I think that I get all my good vibes from my Duda, my grandma, I call her my Duda. She’s 92 now and every single day I see her, she’s always super uplifting, super happy and fun to be around.”

Talkers new album Dive is out now.