Life, Repurposed

Life, Repurposed

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Reinventing Spiritual Growth Habits in the Midst of the Hustle
August 06, 2020

In a season where we long for peace and hope, one of the best ways to find it is in time spent with God. But how can we keep up the habits when distractions and busyness interfere? Author Stephenie Hovland gives helpful tips and shares a link to a free...

Trading Hobbies: Discover a New Appreciation for Your Spouse
July 30, 2020

Michelle talks with her husband, Phil, about how she tried deer hunting and he tried her hobbies as they discovered more about each other and learned to appreciate their uniqueness. Laugh along as they talk about the debut of their new book for couples.

Michelle and Phil Rayburn Play ‘Would You Rather?’
July 23, 2020

In honor of the launch day of their book, Phil and Michelle play a game of "Would You Rather?" Enjoy a few laughs as they discuss questions about money, work, time, and love.

Michelle Chats with Hubby, Phil Rayburn, About Their New Book
July 16, 2020

A fun conversation between Michelle and Phil Rayburn as he makes his first appearance on the show. Listen in as they practice a set of discussion questions for date night.

How to Be Free to Move Forward
July 09, 2020

Sometimes what keeps us stuck in the past is our own mindset. The apology from an offender might never come. And restitution might not be possible. But what if we could move forward and not punish ourselves for things we can't undo?

How the Past Could Hinder Our Progress
July 02, 2020

Life's rearview mirror frames our regrets for things we have done—failed relationships, financial blunders, poor decisions, and situations we wish we could do over. It also frames the things done to us—circumstances that were outside of our control suc...

Five Things Camping Can Teach Us About Life
June 25, 2020

Have you ever had a rustic camping adventure? In this episode, I talk about the time when worms rained from the trees at our campsite, and I give five life application tips that I've learned from camping.

Lonely Doesn’t Always Mean Alone
June 18, 2020

Being aware of when we feel the most lonely could help us learn to pay attention to how we can include someone else. It helps us notice how we can serve others. Awareness of our own struggle can also help us repurpose something negative into an opportu...

Become a Voice for Change
June 11, 2020

No one really needs to hear my words about racial injustice right now, but I do think someone needs my voice. There is a difference between throwing words out there and being a voice. We can be a voice with few words.

Relation-Tips Part 4: Social Media Distancing
May 28, 2020

More than ever before, digital communication is a vital means of staying connected with others. But sometimes a little social media distancing is needed to preserve relationships when opinions burn hot, passion is ignited,