Life in HD

Life in HD

Making Peace with Anger

December 23, 2018

Holidays should be a joyous time of year filled with cheerful music, wonderful food, and gift-giving.  Despite the joyful reason for getting together, some family gatherings end up getting tense and uncomfortable, ending in shouting matches with some crazy relative.  But what if you're the problem?  What if the anger and resentment that you carry around is the cause of the family stress?

The good news is that you can control it.  In this episode of Life in HD, I speak with Tom Corner, author of the book Borrowed Eyes and Feet: Finding Enlightenment After Rage.  At one time in his life, Tom was so angry that he began to self-mutilate.  He tells us how he turned things around to live a more peaceful, harmonious life.  During our conversation, Tom reveals some tips on how to prepare yourself for potential family friction.

For more information on Tom Corner and his books, visit  Music in this episode is Ride Out by Audiobinger under Creative Commons License.  Links available at