Landlord Survival Show

Landlord Survival Show

29 - Gabe Rodarte of Vertical House Buyers

July 12, 2019

Steven Rozenberg and Gabe Rodarte discuss how to get from concentrating on your rental property as just a house you own and change your mindset to view it as a business. What changes can you make to your property to make your property more attractive to buyers and get more rent for it. The importance of finding good contractors and standardizing your make ready in order to create an easy, repeatable process. When it comes to strategy in investing, Steve likes to start with his end goal in mind and work backwards. The hardest part of real estate investing isn’t finding the property, it is making money on it.

Guest: Gabe Rodarte of Vertical House Buyers
There are many reasons to sell your house. There are many things can be stressful when selling a house. Vertical House Buyers helps our customers sell their house(s) fast and correctly. The most important thing is our customers can move on with NO STRESS!

Host: Steve Rozenberg

Co Founder of Empire Industries LLC, investor, speaker. Author of the new book Building an Empire: Failing Our Way to Millions. Learn more about Steve at